Safe transportation of goods

Our customers' sense of security - is the best evaluation of quality work

Regardless of the task of cargo transportation, we ensure safe delivery of cargo thanks to the experience of our specialists. When transporting goods by road, we always choose tested and qualified professionals with the appropriate transport vehicles for your cargo.

During more than 10 years of operation, in cases when we use transport and logistics networks of our partners for transportation of your cargo, we cooperate only with those, who have been tested and proved to be reliable and safe partners during these years.

In addition to security, we use not only vehicle GPS data to identify location of the cargo, but also install GPS tracking devices on cargo itself, according to the customer's wishes. If customer wishes so, we can provide cargo escort, security and insurance for road transport. We always meet delivery times as much as possible, as well as choose the most appropriate transit time for your land cargo.

The main advantages of Vervo for safe cargo transportation.

All cargo transported by road has CMR insurance, and if necessary, we provide additional civil liability insurance.
Transport in perfect condition
In order to avoid delays in the delivery of goods, we use vehicles that undergo regular technical inspections, as well as vehicles corresponding EURO 6 class.
Qualified logistics specialists
Cargo transport we provide is safe, as all activities related to cargo transportation services are performed by responsible, skilled and certified professionals with extensive experience in transport and logistics industry.
We offer a full range of logistics services, which includes the use of various modes of transport and infrastructures, including implementation of domestic and international door-to-door transportation scheme. For additional safety and according to your needs, we provide cargo security during the entire transportation, as well as an ability to track the cargo and its location in real time.

Our professionalism - Your advantages

Vervo is a team characterized by professionalism. Experienced Vervo logistics specialists will be happy to help you to consider your needs and choose the best transport solution, so that your cargo reaches its destination safely.