Cargo deliveries to and from Azerbaijan are possible by various means of transport - sea transport, air transport and road transport. In order to choose the most appropriate mode of transport for the client's cargo, characteristics of cargo, speed of cargo delivery and transport costs must be taken into account. Contact the transport manager of Vervo LLC to find out the most suitable mode of transport for your cargo.

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Vervo LLC offers cargo transportation between
Azerbaijan and Latvia

Azerbaijan is a country in the eastern Caucasus and occupies the territory south of the Caucasus Mountains. It is washed by the Caspian Sea to the east, Dagestan by the Russian Federation to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the south. Belonging to Azerbaijan Nahchivan borders Armenia, Iran and Turkey and is located southwest of the mainland.

Latvia relations with Azerbaijan are based on the principles of bilateral co-operation and Latvia status as a member of the European Union and NATO. Relations between the countries are friendly and constructive, the industry ministries cooperate with each other. States have a mutual interest in promoting cooperation in the field of transport and logistics. Vervo LLC offers all types of cargo transport services between Azerbaijan and Latvia.

Export cargo transportation to Azerbaijan from Latvia

Vervo LLC has widely developed regular road, sea and rail cargo transport between Latvia and Azerbaijan.

Import cargo transportation from Azerbaijan to Latvia

Cargo terminals of Vervo LLC cooperation partners are located in the cities of Azerbaijan, where cargo deliveries and cargo collection from anywhere in Azerbaijan is organized.

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Cargo transport by road to and from Azerbaijan

Cargo transport by road

One of the most popular ways of cargo delivery from Latvia to Azerbaijan and vice versa is by road. Duration of cargo delivery by road on route Latvia-Azerbaijan can vary from 9 to 15 days.

Groupage cargo delivery

We perform regular routes to the largest cities of Azerbaijan - Baku, Ganges, Sumgayit, Lenkeran, Mingechevir, Shirvan, Garachuhur, Bakihanova, Bairamali, Nakhchivan.
Groupage cargo delivery
Cargo transport by air to and from Azerbaijan.

Air cargo transportation

The fastest way to deliver cargo from Latvia to Azerbaijan and vice versa is by air. This mode of transport is suitable for small but urgent loads.

Vervo LLC offers air cargo transportation to and from Azerbaijan largest airports - Heydar Aliyev, Lankaran, Zagatala International Airports.

Sea freight transport

The most economical, but the slowest way of cargo delivery from Latvia to Azerbaijan and vice versa is by sea transport. Vervo LLC offers all types of sea freight transportation to and from the port of Baku.

We offer transportation with full and groupage sea containers, as well as ship chartering for all types of cargo to and from Azerbaijan.

Cargo transport by sea to and from Azerbaijan.
Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage services

Vervo LLC provides all types of customs brokerage services for cargo to and from Azerbaijan. We perform all customs procedures in Latvia and Azerbaijan.
We offer good prices and regular cargo transportation to and from Azerbaijan.
We deliver standard cargo by road from the Azerbaijan to Latvia and vice versa within 8-12 working days. Cargo delivery times to and from Azerbaijan may vary depending on the chosen route, specifics of cargo, for example, for cargoes with a temperature regime, dangerous cargoes delivery times may differ - contact Vervo LLC transport manager for exact delivery time and price.

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