Liechtenstein is a microstate in Central Europe, bordering Austria to the east and Switzerland to the west, and these two countries completely surround its territory.

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Vervo LLC offers cargo transport between Liechtenstein and Latvia.

Vervo LLC mainly uses road transport for cargo deliveries between Liechtenstein and Latvia. Every week several trucks go in the direction of Latvia - Liechtenstein.

Export cargo transport services to Liechtenstein from Latvia

Vervo LLC has widely developed regular road cargo transport between Latvia and Liechtenstein.

Import cargo transport services from Liechtenstein to Latvia

Cargo terminals of Vervo LLC cooperation partners are located in Liechtenstein, where cargo deliveries and cargo collection from anywhere in Liechtenstein are organized.

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Cargo transport by road

Cargo transport by road

Trade between Latvia and Liechtenstein is not very active. The most popular exports from Latvia to Liechtenstein are wooden pallets and other wooden products, but the most popular imports from Liechtenstein to Latvia are internal combustion engines, rubber products and electric lighting devices. Thus, cargo transport services on the route Latvia-Liechtenstein are possible due to regular cargo transportation to and from Switzerland and Austria.

Customs documents

Liechtenstein has a common transit customs procedure, and the customs clearance process is facilitated but mandatory. Vervo LLC provides all types of customs brokerage services for cargo to and from Liechtenstein. We perform all customs procedures in Latvia, Liechtenstein, as well as on the Liechtenstein-Switzerland and Liechtenstein-Austria borders.
Customs documents
Liechtenstein has joined the European Free Trade Association, or EFTA, which was created as an alternative to those European countries that did not want to join the European Community (now the European Union). At present, EFTA, together with Liechtenstein, is limited to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

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