Malta is a small island nation in southern Europe, located in the central Mediterranean on an archipelago of five islands. The closest is Sicily island, belonging to Italy - 93 km north of the archipelago, 300 km south of the African country of Libya and about 288 km west of Tunisia.

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Vervo LLC offers cargo transport between Malta and Latvia.

Cargo deliveries to and from Malta are possible by various means of transport - sea transport, air transport and road transport. In order to choose the most appropriate mode of transport for the client's cargo, characteristics of cargo, speed of cargo delivery and transport costs must be taken into account. Contact the transport manager to find out the most suitable mode of transport for your cargo.

Export cargo transport to Iceland and Malta from Latvia

Vervo LLC has widely developed regular road, sea and rail cargo transport between Latvia and Malta.

Import cargo transport from Malta to Latvia

Cargo terminals of Vervo LLC cooperation partners are located in Malta, where cargo deliveries and cargo collection is organized.

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Cargo transport by road

Cargo transport by road

One of the most popular ways of cargo delivery from Latvia to Malta and vice versa is by road. The trucks pass through Italy to Sicily, from where they are transported by ferry to Malta. The same route is used to deliver cargo from Malta to Latvia. Duration of cargo delivery by road on route Latvia-Malta can vary from 7 to 15 days.

Air cargo transportation

The fastest way to deliver cargo from Latvia to Malta and vice versa is by air. This mode of transport is suitable for small but urgent loads. Vervo LLC offers air cargo transportation to and from Malta using airBaltic flights from Riga to Malta once a week - on Saturdays, and return flights from Malta to Riga on Sunday.
Air cargo transportation
Sea freight transport

Sea freight transport

The cheapest, but slowest way of cargo delivery from Latvia to Malta and vice versa is by sea. Vervo LLC offers all types of sea freight transportation to and from the ports of Malta - Valletta and Birkirkara. We offer transportation with full and groupage sea containers, as well as ship chartering for all types of cargo to and from Malta.
Duration of cargo delivery by road on route Latvia-Malta can vary from 7 to 15 days. Contact Vervo LLC transport manager for the exact delivery time and price.

Malta economy is completely dependent on foreign trade, such as ship repair and cargo handling at Malta's transit ports, but banking and development of financial sector, as well as low taxes, are slowly making the country a world leader in finance. At present, Maltese investments in the share capital of Latvian companies amounted to LVL 143 million, and more than 80 companies with Maltese capital were registered in the Register of Enterprises, ranking 12th in terms of foreign direct investment in Latvia.

The most frequently transported export goods from Latvia to Malta are various types of oils - fuel oil, motor oil, lubricating oil, gas oil, as well as wheat flour, brooms and brushes, plastic cutlery, stationery, canned beef, but the most frequently imported goods from Malta to Latvia is garments, plastic waste, gloves, dog and cat food, pharmaceuticals, bags, suitcases, liquid pumps, valves and faucets.

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