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7 Rs of logistics

7 Rs of logistics

Logistics is a complicated process based on many important aspects. 

With the right logistics specialists and their strategic thinking, it is possible to provide a high level of productivity by reducing the delivery time to the end-users. In logistics, there is a law of 7Rs. It summarizes the seven most important factors we consider for a successful logistics and freight forwarding organization. Find out what they are!

1. Right Product

Before shipping a product, it is necessary to identify the potential risks that may affect it during loading, unloading, storing, and shipping.

It is vital to choose the right packaging; a well-prepared product makes all the logistics processes easier. For example, placing products on an appropriately sized pallet can save space in the truck and reduce costs.

2. Right Time

Time is an essential factor in logistics, especially if a particular freight involves several phases, such as warehousing, police escorts, or special equipment for the loading process.

If one phase gets delayed for any reason, such as a delay in the loading equipment's arrival, there is a high risk of delayed delivery. Thus, that risks the end-user's dissatisfaction, and the client may lose their potential profit. 

Customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships are possible if the goods are delivered on time. 

For this to be a reality, you need to rely on a dedicated business partner, like Vervo LTD, to get the work well organized.

3. Right quantity

Another important aspect is the accuracy of cargo size and volume. 

The shipper, the logistics specialist, and the cargo receiver must all know the exact correct quantity of the product in advance. It ensures there is no shortage of goods in the warehouse or vice versa, or there is not enough space in the truck.

4. Right place

Logistics specialists need to know the exact cargo loading and unloading address, including postal codes - you can find them here. It helps provide the most efficient route planning for the cargo to be at the destination in the shortest time and at the best price.

5. Right price

Several factors impact price—you can find out more about them here. 

When determining the product's price for the end-user, the product's shipping cost plays a significant role. The price of logistics services must remain aligned with their quality. It must be justified and adapted to market trends. 

For 13 years, Vervo Ltd. has accessed the most efficient routes and most reliable solutions for cargo loading, storage, and shipping.

6. Right condition

After all, nothing is more important than safe cargo delivery.

Logistic companies must provide high-quality services from the moment they receive your cargo until it reaches its destination with the documents signed and fully completed.

Customers do not always choose to get additional cargo insurance to protect themselves from potential financial losses. Therefore, one of the main tasks is to select a reliable logistics company with the experience and the knowledge. It can offer you fast, safe, and efficient solutions.

7. Right customer

Clients are the most significant part of the logistics chain. 

Each logistics company has its closest customer. By communicating and identifying the details together, they develop the right solution. 

For us, the customers of our customers are also important. That's why we are doing everything with an additional value: providing safe, convenient, and efficient cargo shipping services to save time and money for our clients.

By returning to the fact that logistics is an essential part of business for many companies, we can conclude that the more efficient the transportation and distribution of raw materials, the more profitable your business is. Your chosen logistics partner can affect your company's reputation and relationships with customers and partners.

The Vervo team is here to help!

Since 2008, we have been providing a full range of transport and logistics services for companies and individual clients. Our goal is to improve your business performance by delivering your cargo quickly, conveniently, and safely while saving you time so you can focus on more important things.

If you need to provide cargo shipping, you are welcome to contact us today! Within an hour, we will offer you a free consultation to discuss all your needs for freight forwarding and other logistics services. Choose a reliable logistics partner—it is an investment in your business!

Contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get a quote on the website.



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