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Vervo team celebrates company’s 14th anniversary!

Vervo team celebrates company’s 14th anniversary!

Just like good cheese and wine, Vervo only gets better with age. This year we are celebrating already our 14th anniversary. Since 2008, we have been providing cargo shipments and various logistics solutions for all types of cargo to any destination. More than 8 000 clients choose us, and we have provided more than 200 000 cargo shipments. However, the most important thing is that we are not going to stop. With our newest "family member" - Vervo Middle East in Dubai - we are only at the beginning of new adventures and success.

To celebrate this beautiful birthday year, our main branch in Latvia together with our Estonian colleagues from Vervo Eesti, gathered together in Riga. The program of the event included car painting with graffiti, a city rally with "PanCars" mini cars, as well as a cocktail workshop.

We got divided into 3 groups. Each of the teams had to come up with our own design and vision in order to create the best design for the car. Then we also had to prepare the stencils with the help of which, we could later create the graffiti art. Each team created interesting and original ideas, and the luckiest were those who later got the chance to drive the car around and demonstrate it on the streets of Riga.

One of the next activities was the city rally - teams of 3 people jumped in the "fiat" cars and went out to look for the necessary objects, take pictures and videos, and finish the tasks in the given time. None of the teams got penalty points for not meeting the deadline - but the most important thing was to have a great time, and that was something that everyone did. Although each of us had a fun time, more challenging this activity was for the team's drivers, most of whom drove a car like this for the first time. It was an interesting experience for all of us.

After crossing the finish line and having a bite of some burgers, the Vervo team participated in a cocktail workshop, where everyone got the chance to learn something new and understand what makes the cocktail a real masterpiece. Making and tasting cocktails was definitely also a good start to the rest of the evening - dancing accompanied by a DJ. Vervo team agrees - this was a great team-building event, and we are already looking forward to next year's celebration, which promises to be even greater as Vervo will celebrate the 15th anniversary.

We want to give thanks to our customers and cooperation partners. Thanks to the team of Vervo Group, as well as thanks to Maris and Aija, the owners of the company, for managing the company in the best way possible!

May the 15th year of Vervo be beautiful, lucky, and full of success!


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