Cabotage transportation

To any European country

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers groupage deliveries.

We also ensure the use of one transport unit if you have several locations in one country and need transportation among them together with delivery to or from Germany.

What does cabotage involve?

Cabotage freight transport involves transportation of goods within one transport unit, up to 3 times in 7 days within one EU and EEA country. Vervo Ltd. offers such cargo deliveries in any European country, thus reducing costs and performing several transport operations within one transport unit.

Types of transportation offered:


Standard overland cargo transportation

Thermo regime cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation

Tank cargo transportation

The benefits of working with Vervo

We create the most efficient routes to provide the highest quality of transport, faster delivery of goods and the best price for cabotage cargo transportation.

We also provide full service and door-to-door cargo deliveries. Our services include:

Non-standard routes
It is possible to transport cargo on routes that are usually transported through terminal.
Possibility to export cargo of different sizes.
We are able to provide better conditions for several shipments using cabotage solutions in the EU and EEA countries.

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