Cargo loading and unloading

If it can be carried, then it can be lifted!

For local or international freight transport, whether it is a couple of pallets for groupage or perhaps a bulky machine - it needs to be loaded both in a moving vehicle and unloaded at the place of unloading. Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. has always been a reliable freight forwarder, providing a full range of logistics services, including loading and unloading of cargo in cases where a consignor or consignee does not have an appropriate equipment or manpower. Vervo Ltd. logistics managers will arrange loading services, offering the most optimal solution for safe and smooth cargo transportation.

Why do you need a professional loading and unloading service?

In cases where you do not have appropriate equipment to ensure efficient and accurate loading or unloading of cargo, Vervo specialist will find an optimal solution based on the specifics and volume of cargo. To safely load or unload your cargo when manual (using human resources) loading takes too long or is not possible due to weight of the load, the cargo must be properly palletized so that loading or unloading equipment can lift the load without damaging it.

Cargo transport system:

When ordering cargo transportation with Vervo Ltd., you will receive a free consultation, during which our logistics specialist will choose the optimal solution for the choice of loading and unloading equipment based on the type, weight and volume of your cargo. This is a very responsible process in the common transport system and only takes place under the supervision of professional specialists, as the process of loading and unloading cargo must make sure that it is loaded in accordance with generally accepted standards. Vervo Ltd. will make sure that your cargo transportation is fast, safe and convenient.

Cargo loading and unloading with Vervo Ltd.

  •  Loading, transhipment and unloading of cargo in the railway and port area
  • Bulk loading, transhipment and unloading in any area
  • Loading and unloading of large and heavy cargo
  • Loading and unloading of hazardous goods (ADR)
  • Groupage loading and compact loading of full loads
  • Transporting cars with a loading ramp
Your Time

Your Time

Regardless of the place of cargo delivery, using our circle of cooperation partners, we will ensure loading or unloading of the cargo at the specified time and place.
Your Convenience

Your Convenience

When ordering local or international cargo transportation, Vervo Ltd. manager will provide a complete logistics chain, and for your convenience will be ready to answer any questions outside of working hours about cargo transportation.

Our Knowledge

Our Knowledge

Upon receipt of a cargo transportation request, according to the size and weight of your cargo, we will agree on the need for the most appropriate loading and unloading equipment.
Our Experience

Our Experience

Cargo loading is just like the childhood game "Tetris", because the cargo must be loaded so compact that it takes up as little space as possible. Our experienced logistics specialists will recommend the best solution - in which vehicle to load the cargo, so that you have optimal costs for cargo transportation.
Vervo offers a full range of logistics services. Loading and unloading of cargo is one of the stages in cargo transportation, which must be of good quality so that the goods are not damaged during loading or unloading.

Counterbalance loaders

Counterbalanced trucks (or forklifts, trucks or forklifts) are the most popular way to load or unload cargo. These loaders are high performance and have good visibility in all directions. The mast provides a height of up to 7.5 m and a lifting capacity of up to 5 t. Counterbalance trucks can be used to load and unload loads such as Euro pallets, rolls, packages, boxes and other loads.

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Rotējošie teleskopiskie iekrāvēji

Rotary telescopic loaders

The rotating telescopic loaders are equipped with a boom that can rotate up to 360 °. These are high-performance loaders designed for specialized loading in a confined space where particularly heavy loads are loaded, transloaded or unloaded. Rotating telescopic loader has a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 t and a maximum lifting height of up to 32 m.

Telescopic loaders

Telescopic loaders are ideal for loading containers with a lifting capacity of up to 21 t and a maximum lifting height of up to 10.2 m. They can also be used in cases where the load is loaded on uneven ground, such as in a construction or agricultural area. Telescopic handlers can also be equipped with forks, buckets and grabs, depending on the specifics of the load.

Teleskopiskie iekrāvēji


One of the best features of the forklifts is that it can travel slowly and lift loads at the same time. This advantage allows cargo to be moved quickly and safely, ensuring that loading and unloading does not hinder cargo transportation. It is the optimal solution for loading cargo up to 10 tons.

Large loading equipment

Large loading equipment is designed for cases where non-standard cargo needs to be loaded and unloaded, such as placing the modular house on a platform or loading it precisely at the destination. Due to the size of the loader, location of the truck must be carefully planned on the territory before loading, so that the loading takes place as comfortable as possible. The machine can lift a load of up to 48t, and it should be noted that this machine can lift a load that is one-piece.

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