Cargo tracking

Confidence that delivery will be on time!

Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd., in addition to all types of domestic and international cargo transportation, also offers cargo tracking services that gives security to the customer anywhere and anytime. Whether the cargo is to be transported in Poland or Europe and the CIS countries, or whether there are farther distances - to and from China or the USA - cargo tracking is possible in all regions of the world.
In cases where cargo tracking services are required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your cargo transportation.

What is cargo tracking?

Cargo tracking means you can find out the exact location of your cargo at the click of a button, thanks to a modern navigation system (GPS). When using a cargo tracking service, it is important to attach a disposable or reusable tracking device to the cargo that will operate anywhere in the world. This way you can feel confident that your industrial equipment, exclusive timber or art exhibit is being delivered on time. You don't need a program or app - it's much easier. You will be given a tracking link where you can see which country and city your cargo is currently traveling through.

Why choose a cargo tracking service?

Sense of security
GPS tracking gives you access to cargo location and temperature data when you need it, anytime, anywhere. You can control and see the real-time location of your cargo - in which country it is located and at what speed it is moving. If you have different individual loads that need to be received and assembled for further shipment as one load - no problem! By following the route of individual cargo, you will be able to accurately predict the time when you will be able to start assembling cargo.
No registration or passwords are required to track the shipment - you are given a unique web link to track the shipment online. When choosing cargo tracking services, information and data about location of your cargo are available only to authorized persons who have access to the issued tracking link. It is deleted after the shipment. This is one of the advantages that is useful when transporting especially valuable cargo.
Climate control
If you need to transport medicines or food that requires a certain temperature regime, cargo tracking can eliminate all your worries. Cargo tracking ensures collection of data for the entire transportation period, from loading to unloading. You can be sure that your load will not be damaged, as you will also see the temperature in the refrigerator - whether it meets your requirements.
In cases where cargo tracking services are required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your cargo transportation.

Cargo tracking Vervo Ltd.

Individual approach

Cooperating with us, you are guaranteed an individual approach. Logistics specialists know all the stages of logistics for the specific cargo and will be available outside working hours. Cargo tracking allows both you and us to react faster to potential challenges, and therefore to solve them faster.

World without borders

We carry out all types of international cargo transportation to and from more than 120 countries around the world, and you can track cargo in any of them. If you have to carry international cargo to Russia, from China or to the USA - you will still be able to control the location of the cargo.

Cooperation partners

Our wide range of partners provides an opportunity to be versatile abroad as well. If you need warehousing services in Europe or elsewhere in the world, then, according to the location of the cargo, it can be quickly found according to the specifics of your cargo and the desired location.

Cargo trucks GPS

In addition to cargo tracking services, the transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. also provides their vehicles with truck GPS. Such a system not only saves time and controls the quality of the driver's work, but also saves money by detecting accidents or other reasons for delays in the delivery of goods. The truck's GPS tracking system provides the best selection of route, reducing fuel consumption and thus transport costs.

Types of cargo tracking

We offer two types of cargo tracking - with a single-use tracking device or with a reusable tracking device.

  • Single-use tracking device
One of the advantages of this tracking device is that it is a single-use device. You don't have to worry about returning the device, for example, from the US, because it is purchased before the cargo transportation. This device is attached to the load and location of the cargo is visible at any time and place convenient for you. The device has a built-in battery and after use we recommend you to dispose of it in accordance with the generally accepted practices. The device is valid for up to 3 months. In terms of price, this is the optimal solution for long delivery routes, such as container shipments from China.
  • Multiple use tracking device
This device is different in that it can be charged multiple times. One of the benefits of these devices is greater control, as this device can be set to update data even each hour. This device is a more suitable solution for shorter shipments, for example across Europe, since the tracking device can be returned to the shipper with the same truck that has delivered the cargo, or use postal services. In addition, these devices are multifunctional, as they store information on cargo throughout the whole time of transportation. Contact our logistics specialist and he will calculate the approximate cost of your cargo transportation according to your needs, as the price depends only on the time of use of the service, and as a result, it may be a more advantageous solution than a single-use cargo tracking device.
Vervo Ltd. ir transporta un loģistikas pakalpojumu sniedzējs, kas piedāvā pilna spektra loģistikas un transporta pakalpojumus. Mūsu kravu izsekošanas pakalpojumi palīdz reālā laikā noteikt kravas atrašanās vietu, kā arī iespējams sekot līdzi kravas temperatūrai, piemēram, medikamentu vai saldētas produkcijas kravai.
In cases where cargo tracking services are required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your cargo transportation.

Our professionalism - Your advantages

Vervo Ltd. is a team characterized by professionalism and quality. Experienced specialists of Vervo Ltd. will provide you a free consultation and help to consider your needs when choosing the best solution for international cargo deliveries. If you want to know location of your cargo, contact our customer service manager and we will find the best suitable solution for tracking of your cargo.