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Customs brokerage services are a complex set of activities with one goal - to ensure continuous flow of cargo for both import and export, performing prompt preparation of customs formalities and documentation, as well as transit procedures.

What do customs brokerage services include?

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that handles all types of local and international cargo transportation to and from more than 120 countries around the world. This includes cargo transportation to third world countries. Our specialists will provide a full chain of logistics services to save you time, finances and you can feel confident that the cargo will be delivered to the consignee just the way we have agreed. We offer a full range of transport and logistics services, which also includes customs brokerage services. Customers who have never been exposed to customs procedures often do not understand importance of these procedures. To avoid unforeseen additional costs by making mistakes in the preparation of documentation and not knowing legislation of international cargo transport, such as Incoterms 2020 - we, Vervo Ltd., will facilitate your customs procedures.

Customs brokerage services Vervo Ltd.

Customer representation

Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. provides its clients with representation in customs procedures, applying for import, export and transit procedures. Our knowledgeable logistics specialists will make sure that each stage of customs procedure will be carried out in accordance with the law and good business practice, so that you will be able to develop your company without worrying about cargo transportation and related customs formalities.

Tax payments

The amount of customs duties and their types can take a long time for a person not experienced in these matters, so the customs brokerage services offered by the transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. are the optimal solution for those who have to transport goods to and from third world countries. All this will be done quickly and professionally by our knowledgeable and experienced customs brokers. We take care of our customers, also providing general information - what is classification of customs codes.

Cargo declaration

Both import and export cargo transportation to and from third countries is performed in accordance with the existing legislation in a particular country, including preparation of a customs declaration for transportation of received or shipped cargo. Import declaration and export declaration are a mandatory requirement for goods transported outside the European Union. If necessary, inland cargo clearance and cargo customs clearance are also performed.

FREE Consultation

By contacting our logistics managers, you will receive a free consultation on all types of cargo transportation to and from third world countries, as well as on the mandatory customs procedures and documentation in the specific country. If you have any questions or concerns, our logistics managers will explain them and help you resolve them, saving your valuable time which you can spend for development of your business.

Calculation of taxes

Despite application of the European Union common customs duty in Poland , customs duties are also divided into several types, such as import duties or import / export payment. Vervo Ltd. customs brokerage services will save you time and money, as well as provide a clear answer about the cost of customs clearance of a specific product and the total cost of freight to and from third countries.

Customs warehouse

Vervo Ltd. customs brokerage services also provide storage of goods in customs warehouses, where your cargo undergo customs procedures and all necessary customs formalities. Customs warehouse is intended for clearance of import goods and storage or preparation of goods in transit, free of import duties. Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. controls accounting and identification of specific cargo.


  • 1. Contact Vervo Ltd. logistics managers, describing all characteristics of your cargo, destination and required delivery time.
  • 2. In order to carry out international cargo transportation outside the EU, you need to obtain an EORI number. EORI number is an international unique identification number for customs procedures. To obtain it, you can use electronic customs data processing system (EMDAS) on the website.
  • 3. You have to decide who will take care of import and export declarations. You can do it yourself, but it may take you much longer.
  • 4. Vervo Ltd. customs brokerage services will facilitate your work by completing all formalities related to customs procedures, including import and export declarations, as well as a customs warehouse will be at your disposal.
  • 5. With Vervo Ltd. Your international cargo transportation outside the EU will be fast, convenient and safe, because we provide a full range of services from A to Z, including customs brokerage services.

What are the benefits of VERVO?

Vervo Ltd. team consists of professional logistics specialists, and our employees have more than 70 years of combined experience in the transport and logistics sector. Every day we perform not less than 100 international cargo shipments, including delivery and receipt of cargo to and from third world countries. We provide full logistics services and customs brokerage services are among those used by customers when importing or exporting goods outside the EU. One of Vervo Ltd. advantages is a wide range of cooperation partners, as we provide round-the-clock customs warehouses not only in Poland , but all over the world.
We will complete all necessary customs formalities and provide a full package of customs brokerage services for air freight, rail and sea freight, as well as road cargo transportation with vehicles.

Your cargo - our experience


Vervo Ltd. customs brokerage services will provide a fast and efficient solution in an optimal way - your international cargo transportation is in the hands of professionals. From now on, import and export to and from third world countries will take much less time, because we will complete all customs formalities for you.

It is nice to know that your cargo is entrusted to knowledgeable and professional logistics specialists. Our customs brokerage services will save you time and worries. All you have to do is contact one of our logistics managers - we will do the rest, taking into account characteristics of your cargo and the route of cargo transportation.
Customs brokerage services are equivalent to the phrase “safe cargo transportation”, because during customs procedures your cargo will be stored in a safe and secure 24-hour customs warehouse. We control inventory and identification of goods, as well as take care of the quality of loading and unloading process.

If both legal persons and natural persons importing or exporting goods outside the European Union are subject to Customs formalities.

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We will process all documents related to customs procedures for you, so that your cargo transportation takes place without delay - this will give you more time for development of your company's core business. If you want to know more about customs brokerage services, contact Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist, who will be happy to provide a free consultation, answering all your questions and preparing an offer for international delivery.