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Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company offering international freight transport by ferry to and from any European port. Available infrastructure provides an extensive network of routes, allowing door-to-door delivery as well as port-to-port delivery.
One of the best feelings is to peacefully entrust your cargo to professional logistics specialists, who will always recommend the best and most advantageous route using the most suitable mode of transport, so We have news: Vervo Ltd. offers to buy ferry tickets.

We offer you a great opportunity to deliver your cargo quickly and efficiently, even if the place of delivery is far away. How? Vervo Ltd.  cooperates with such ferry companies as: STENA LINE, TT LINE, POLFERRIES and UNITY LINE, which offer not only passenger transportation, but also international cargo transportation from point A to point B. WIth the help of our company you can buy ferry tickets to destinations such as Poland - Sweden, Poland - Bornholm.

There are a total of 4 ports in Poland (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście) from which freight is handled in different directions. The most popular ferry routes are from Gdansk to Ninashamn in Sweden and from Swinoujscie to Ystad and Trelleborg in Sweden and to the Danish island of Bornholm.

Transportation by ferry is:

Consumption of land fuel is significantly reduced. Cargo travels in safe conditions, so the risk of damage to the cargo is reduced. Also accidents due to poor road surface condition or unsuitable weather conditions are prevented.
Environmentally friendly
During ferry ride, the driver's assistant has an opportunity to relax, ensuring efficient continuation of the journey by land. Operating costs are reduced by reducing tire wear and mileage.
Saves time
Cargo transportation by ferry ensures a regular and stable trip schedule. Also it is a possibility to avoid congestion and motorway closure problems associated with public holidays, festive days and repair works.

What types of cargo can be transported by ferry?

There are several types of ferries that carry not only small car vehicles from 4 meters in length but also oversized and dangerous goods (ADR). The ferry can transport land cargo, containers, bulk cargo, perishable cargo, liquid cargo. Ferry tickets can be purchased for tarpaulin vehicles, minibuses, trucks, semi-trailers, mega trailers, refrigerators, platforms as well as tanks.

Oversized cargo transportation is in high demand, so ferries offer to transport not only standard vehicles, but also vehicles with oversized cargo. Ferry tickets for oversized cargo are offered for the cargo with dimensions longer than 14 m, heavier than 40 t and wider than 2.6 m.

Can all types of ADR cargo be transported?

One of the best transport options is ADR cargo transportation by ferry. Each ferry line offers its own range of ADR cargo, as well as its own safety measures for transportation of hazardous goods.

Ferries offer to transport ADR cargo such as gases, explosives, flammable liquids and other hazardous substances. In order to carry out such transportation by ferry, a set of documents must be completed and cargo must be securely packed and marked with identification marks and a UN number.

Prices of ferry tickets

As with all cargo deliveries, the ticket price for each ferry transportation is based on the space occupied by the specific cargo on board. There are several factors that affect the price of a ferry ticket, such as the route, the ferry line chosen, size, weight and volume of the cargo, fuel surcharge or MGO BAF, port expenses (cargo storage; inspections; mooring services), etc. Service charges and port surcharges vary from port to port. In most cases, into account are taken the values that characterize size of the ship and amount of cargo to be transshipped and transferred. When purchasing a ticket for a vehicle with oversized cargo delivery, it must be taken into account that the ticket price will not be fixed, but variable. The price depends on the dimensions of the cargo - length, weight, height and width. Each such shipment may have its own specific price.

How to buy a ferry ticket

Tickets can be purchased on the ferry line's website, where everything is transparent and you can easily order a ticket for a specific date and time. In internet online are offered free available spots, swimming times and booking options. Another option is to buy a ticket at the port offices just before sailing, but in that case there is a high risk that there won't be enough space on the ferry and you will have to wait till the next ferry. When purchasing an e-ticket and boarding a ferry, it is not necessary to print out a ticket, after purchasing a ticket some ferry lines send the buyer reservation code, which is entered at the ferry entrance and which is used to offer transport companies to buy ferry tickets when the truck is on the way to port.

Is it possible to cancel purchased tickets?

All ferry lines offer an option to cancel already purchased tickets, but this must be done a few days before the departure date. If for any reason there are problems with the transportation of cargo, such as a change in the date of delivery, or in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle, it is possible to exchange the ticket for the desired time and date. Cancellation or change of ticket can be done at the port offices or online.

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A wide range of cargo is transported to and from Europe. Agricultural, construction, production machinery, as well as metal products and panel houses on open type platforms, including non-standard or bulky cargo transportation. Neither size nor destination is an obstacle for us to transport goods efficiently across Europe.