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International cargo transportation prices

It is advantageous to perform international and local cargo transportation using Vervo Ltd., as each cargo delivery is carried out with a minimum of fixed costs. Based on many years of experience, we have developed advantageous routes, finding the ways to save on cargo transporation costs. We provide professional free advice to new customers on all types of cargo transport services, as well as regular customers, if necessary, for example, when delivering goods on new routes. We offer various types and terms of payment for cargo transportation services. We offer introductory prices for new customers, and discounts for regular customers, as well as various bonuses, promoting our cooperation in international and local cargo transportation.
Kravu pārvadājumu cenas
One of the most important things when using cargo transport and logistics services is understanding of costs that make up the total price of cargo transportaation in Poland and internationally. It always consists of fixed and variable costs, so it is almost impossible to make an accurate price calculation on the website. Below you can find out how the price of cargo transportation is formed. In order to find out the exact prices of cargo transportation and logistics services, we provide professional free consultation to both new and regular customers.

Cargo transport pricing formula

The cargo transport price formula consists of several variables. Almost all payments depend on the customer's wishes and specifics of cargo, but there are also circumstances that no one can influence. These include weather, popularity and season.


- groupage delivery
- full load
- liquid loads
- bulk cargo
- refrigerator
- hazardous goods
- large cargo


- loading meters LDM
- load parameters
- cargo weight


- route length
- route direction
- route popularity
- season


- payment to forwarders
- permits, licenses
- insurance
- customs formalities
- warehousing services
- etc.

How are freight rates formed?

"The basis of the cargo transport price is the type of cargo. The type of cargo transportation to choose depends on the customer's wishes and needs, as well as on the cargo or product group and its volume. Types of cargo are divided into several categories, which determine the price of cargo transportation.

  • The price of groupage (LTL) transportation is the lowest because the volume of cargo is small;
  • The cost of full load (FTL) transportation will be more advantageous if the cargo can fill the entire vehicle;
  • Liquid and bulk cargo rates are equivalent to full cargo transport rates;
  • Transportation of a refrigerator or cargo with a special temperature regulation will be more expensive;
  • The cost of transportation of hazardous goods (ADR) depends on the hazard class. In total they are 9. The more hazardous the cargo is and the more attention it needs, the higher price it will attract;
  • The price of large or oversized cargo transportation is the highest, because it requires special transportation and great care in both loading, unloading and transportation."

Cargo transport price per km

How is the cargo transport price per kilometer formed on different routes?

The price of cargo transport per kilometer is influenced by the length, direction and popularity of the route. Based on several years of experience, we have developed the best routes at attractive prices to be able to provide profitable international and local cargo transportation.

One would think that the longer is the route, the higher the cargo delivery price per km is. In reality this is not always so. There are many variables that affect the cost of cargo delivery per kilometer, such as popularity and complexity of route. Weather, season and public holidays can also affect the cost of cargo transportation per kilometer. An example is the Christmas season, when freight rates to Poland are falling for social reasons - drivers living in Poland want to go home.

How are cargo delivery rates for different types of vehicles formed?

The price of cargo transport is also determined by the type of vehicle.
  • Land or road cargo transportation rates are the optimal solution for local and international cargo delivery;
  • The price of cargo transport is cheaper for sea freight deliveries, but it must be taken into account that the duration of such freight transport will be longer. Transporting larger cargoes is advantageous by container vessels, but smaller cargoes can also be delivered by ferry;
  • If cargo transportation is very urgent, we recommend using overflights. In that case, it must be taken into account that the price of air cargo transportation will be higher;
  • Rail cargo delivery prices are advantageous if the cargo is large and it has to travel a long distance.

What else affects the price of cargo transport?

The price of cargo transportation is also formed by organization and coordination of high-quality cargo transport, loading and unloading works, provision and control of information. Depending on the customer's wishes and needs, the following services can also be added to the cargo delivery price:

  • various permits, licenses;
  • insurance;
  • customs formalities;
  • warehousing services;
  • etc.

The task of Vervo Ltd. is to simplify the complex cargo transportation process, therefore we provide all services related to cargo transportation and logistics.

How to calculate the cargo delivery price for groupage?

The formula for calculating the cargo transportation price also includes the actual weight, cargo dimensions and LDM (loading meter). LDM indicates the amount of cargo that can be loaded per meter of cargo space. When comparing LDM with cargo weight, the largest indicator is used to determine the cargo delivery price. If the load is light but takes up a lot of space, the cost of transporting the goods can be even higher than transporting heavier and smaller loads. In order to reduce the cost of cargo delivery, precise packaging is needed to make more efficient use of space. This can be achieved by properly palletizing and packing the load.

Cargo transport service costs

Vervo Ltd. is a cargo forwarding company providing full-service transport and logistics services. We offer a full range of logistics services, which includes use of various modes of transport and infrastructures, providing our clients with the best prices for cargo transport services.

Road cargo delivery costs

The price of road cargo transport services is calculated based on the sum of kilometers traveled and transit time

Hazardous goods delivery costs

We can provide clients with professional advice on cargo classification, packaging, loading and transportation

Sea freight delivery costs

Freight transport by sea is one of the most economical modes of freight transportation, if delivery time is not a decisive factor

Railway goods transportation costs

We calculate the price of rail transportation according to a standard scheme that guarantees advantageous delivery

Air freight transport costs

Air freight transport is a cost-effective and fast way to transport urgent cargo and high value-added goods

Oversized cargo transport costs

We offer especially advantageous terms of cooperation, as well as various payment methods and terms for regular customers

Local cargo transport prices

Local cargo transportation is mostly performed by road, the costs are determined by the number of kilometers traveled

Import cargo transport prices

The cost of import cargo deliveries can be reduced by choosing the most advantageous cargo transport route and mode

Export cargo transport prices

Export cargo delivery prices are determined by the destination of exported goods and the type of cargo

Transit cargo transportation prices

The cost of transit cargo is determined by international competitiveness of the national transit corridor, as well as geopolitical situation

Prices for logistics services

Vervo Ltd. is a cargo transport company that provides all types of ancillary transport and logistics services in addition to land, sea and air transportation. We provide our customers with the best prices for all types of cargo transportation additional services.

Cargo insurance prices

Insured cargo is the most cost-effective way to protect yourself from losses by spending a small amount of money

Prices for customs brokerage services

Execution of all documents, customs procedures with Vervo Ltd. Transport is electronic - saving you time

Warehouse service prices

Very favorable cooperation conditions for long-term as well as short-term storage of goods in the warehouse

Transport prices for personal belongings

Our professional staff will listen and advise on the most advantageous way to transport personal belongings.

Express cargo prices

Urgent cargo transportation is advantageous, especially if you use Vervo Ltd. express cargo transport services

Cabotage transport prices

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can find a solution that suits your requirements at the best transport price

Cargo tracking prices

The cargo tracking service provides accurate information on location of cargo, reducing downtime costs

Cargo loading and unloading prices

By ordering cargo transport from us, you can optimize loading and unloading costs

Livestock transport prices

Favorable price for transportation of farm animals in both domestic and international animal transportation

Groupage transport prices

We perform international groupage cargo transportation so that each customer has to pay only for one cargo transportation direction

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