Group cargo transportation

Group cargo transportation

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers groupage transportation worldwide, regardless of cargo size. Groupage transportation means that goods are combined into one transport to ensure optimal cost of cargo. Groupage cargo is assembled in warehouses or terminals, where your cargo is combined with other equivalent cargo, providing a full range of transport units based on the destination and type of goods. We will ensure the most economical and optimal delivery of groupage cargo according to the customer's budget from anywhere in the world.
Groupage is the most advantageous way to carry out international cargo transportation to and from Europe, as well as the CIS and other countries of the world. Groupage means a collection of small loads of different customers, assembled for local or international cargo transportation in one direction and in one vehicle. Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. ensures that delivery of groupage cargo is possible to and from anywhere in the world, regardless of the size or type of cargo. Groupage cargo deliveries are possible with all modes of transport: sea transport, air transport, rail transport or land transport. Delivery time depends on the distance from the place of unloading.

Cargo consolidation

Consolidation of cargo is one of the most important stages for fast, convenient and profitable groupage transportation. Cargo consolidation is the storage and aggregation of individual loads in our warehouse for subsequent assembly into a single cargo vehicle. Vervo Ltd. partners around the world offer an opportunity to assemble cargo, regardless of its location. It is possible to assemble groupage cargo in Poland from Germany, Russia, Italy and any other country in the world. Vervo Ltd. warehousing services are provided not only in Warsaw or other Polish cities, but also throughout Europe, the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and beyond.

Need groupage cargo transportation?

  • Contact Vervo LLC logistics managers and you will receive a free consultation on the most optimal costs for cargo transportation.
  • Based on information about your cargo - cargo type, cargo dimensions, cargo destination - our logistics specialist will develop the optimal cargo transportation route.
  • Your cargo will be handled in a consolidation warehouse and, if necessary, weighed, packed and marked.
  • Logistics specialists of Vervo LLC logistics specialist will help you find the most suitable type of transport and trailer, regardless of whether groupage cargo is needed to Great Britain, Germany or any other country.
  • In case of groupage shipments to a third country, Vervo LLC also offers customs brokerage services to assist with customs procedures.

If the size of customer's cargo or a volume of cargo is less than the vehicle's semi-trailer capacity, then groupage transportation is used, which provides the best prices for cargo delivery. This is because each customer pays only for the space of his cargo unit, which is occupied in the truck's trailer - thus making efficient use of the transport trailer space. To calculate the estimated costs, transport and logistics company Vervo LLC offers to use LDM calculator [], which calculates the “loading meter”, indicating the amount of cargo that can be loaded in one meter of cargo space.

Main benefits of groupage cargo transportation

Consolidated cargo transportation with cargo of several customers gives an opportunity to obtain an optimal price solution for international cargo transportation.
Delivery of groupage cargo is also possible for small packages, which we can transport from anywhere in the world. This is a convenient solution for loads of any small size.
Cargo with special temperature regime
Groupage cargo is also suitable for cargo that requires a special temperature regime, such as medical supplies, food and others.

Most common groupage routes

Vervo Ltd. carries out all types of cargo transportation by road, air, sea and rail. We will always find the right place for each of your cargo in the right vehicle so that the cargo is delivered at the best price. Our logistics specialists provide at least 100 groupage shipments on various routes every day, and most of them are road transportation by land.

International groupage cargo transportation is most often performed to and from Lithuania, to and from Estonia, to and from Russia, as well as to and from Poland.

Poland - Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, our neighbor, is one of the most popular countries for international groupage cargo transportation. Transportation of groupage to and from the Czech Republic is conducted mainly by road, as well as by air in cases where express delivery is required.

Poland - Germany

International groupage shipments to and from Germany are among the largest in terms of volume. Germany, like the Czech Republic, is a neighbor of Poland with which we have close economic ties. Cargo transport to and from Germany is mainly carried out by road cargo transport.

Poland - United Kingdom

When transporting groupage goods to and from Great Britain, it must be taken into account that customs clearance and payment of taxes will incur additional costs. Vervo Ltd. specialists will recommend you the most optimal solution for drawing up documents, providing customs brokerage services. In order to transport groupage cargo from the Great Britain from A to Z, we will arrange customs procedures for you.

Poland - Netherlands

One of the producing countries in Europe that provides us with oil products, medicines and electrical equipment. Groupage cargo to and from the Netherlands is operated five times a week in one direction, ensuring fast and regular cargo deliveries. Using Vervo Ltd. consolidation warehouses, you can gain optimal costs for groupage transportation.

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