Transportation of personal belongings

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Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. offers all types of cargo transportation to and from more than 120 countries around the world, including transportation of personal belongings. Our customers are both individuals and companies that have been appreciating the quality of our services since 2008. Transportation of personal belongings is mostly done by land, but we can also provide transportation to far away regions by air and sea and rail transport.

What is transportation of personal property?

Transportation of personal property means movement of any property from point A to point B. These can be local cargo transportation in Poland , as well as international cargo transportation in Europe, to and from the CIS countries or far away countries - the USA or China. Most often, our customers, when choosing the service "Transportation of personal belongings", transport household furniture, office equipment, cars, motorcycles and boats. We ensure that transportation of personal belongings is safe, at the same time deliveries are made within the agreed time limits at favorable prices, without losing the high quality of transportation.

In cases where fast and advantageous transportation of personal belongings is required, contact logistics specialists of Vervo Ltd. to discuss possible solutions for your local or international delivery.

Transportation of personal belonging Vervo Ltd.

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers various transport services for individuals for transportation of personal belongings, finding the best individual solution for each situation. Relocation is always a time-consuming process, so Vervo offers its customers a wide range of services, covering all stages of transportation.

Packing of belongings

During our professional career, our experienced logistics specialists have worked with all types of cargo transportation, from small packages to bulky or hazardous liquid cargo (ADR). Entrusting your cargo to us, you can be sure that your belongings will be packed according to the characteristics and size of the cargo. We will perform cargo marking and provide warehousing services if necessary.

Professional loaders

When cooperating with us, you do not have to worry about how the cargo will be loaded or unloaded, because if necessary, we provide our customers with appropriate loading and unloading equipment, as well as we cooperate only with experienced and responsible persons who supervise this logistics stage. Your personal belongings will be transported safely from loading to unloading.

Door to door

Your local or international transportation of personal belongings will be provided by a suitable vehicle, taking into account the delivery route, cargo size and your wishes. We deliver by land, sea, air and rail. All you have to do is specify the place of loading and unloading - we will do the rest by providing the highest quality logistics services.

Appropriate transport

Transportation of personal belongings is provided with appropriate transport, taking into account characteristics of the cargo, size, amount of belongings, route and wishes and needs of the customer. If you need express delivery, we offer air freight, but if the delivery time is not important and you have to travel a long distance, for example, to China, we recommend sea freight.

Guarded warehouses

If necessary, we provide guarded warehouses for storage of belongings. Vervo Ltd. offers warehousing services in Poland, Europe and elsewhere in the world. We offer warehouses, taking into account the customer's wishes and budget, because the warehouses are divided into 4 classes (A; B; C; D), therefore, the cost of storage depends on the warehouse conditions and innovative technical solutions.


Transportation of personal belongings can also be a transportation of valuable cargo, such as exclusive furniture or an expensive work of art. In such cases, we offer additional cargo insurance, which will prevent potential financial losses if the cargo is stolen or damaged due to weather conditions, traffic accidents or other reasons.

Vervo transportation of personal belongings - is the best solution for delivery of private property!

In cases where fast and advantageous transportation of personal belongings is required, contact logistics specialists of Vervo Ltd. to discuss possible solutions for your local or international delivery.

Transportation of personal belongings step-by-step

Specialists of transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. have accumulated knowledge over the years to be able to offer their customers the best solutions and the safest transportation. Individual approach to each customer means that transportation of your personal belongings will be carried out to the place specified by you exactly when it is needed. We offer not only transportation, but also planning and storage of goods in warehouse premises, if necessary. Transportation of personal belongings can also be performed to countries such as Russia, China, USA - in such cases, we offer the services of customs brokers, so that you do not have to worry about mandatory customs declarations and other documentation.

Step 1

Free consultation

Our knowledgeable managers will give you a free consultation on the most advantageous and convenient way of transporting personal belongings.

Step 1

Step 2

Planning of transportation

Knowing the amount, size and weight of the transported cargo, we will help you plan the most advantageous route.

Step 3

Choosing the most suitable logistics service

We can transport personal belongings by land, sea, rail or air.

Step 3

Step 4

Insurance of property to be moved

The best way to protect yourself from loss is to spend only a small amount of money in comparison to the value of cargo. Get financial protection during transportation!

Step 5

Loading of cargo

We will plan the loading works and, if necessary and possible, we will load the cargo at the time and place you want.

Step 5

Step 6

Cargo transportation

Depending on your wishes, it is possible to transport apartment belongings, office machinery and equipment, works of art, as well as pets. If necessary, you can also use the help of our professional loaders or store goods in the warehouse.

Step 7

Cargo unloading

If necessary we will unload the cargo, as well as load it, at the place and time you want.

Step 7

We will also take care of formalities - you will not have to worry and spend time on import and export formalities.

Non-standard situation? No problem, we will help you to solve it!

If you need transportation of goods outside Poland and also in Europe, we can provide them - our offer includes:
Transportation of private belongings in Poland
International transportation of personal belongings across Europe
In cases where fast and advantageous transportation of personal belongings is required, contact logistics specialists of Vervo Ltd. to discuss possible solutions for your local or international delivery.

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