Air Freight

Deliveries that carries on wings!

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers all types of domestic and international cargo transportation, including air cargo transportation, providing deliveries to and from more than 70 countries around the world. Air cargo transportation is conducted by an aircraft that has a corresponding cargo space and can deliver cargo of a certain volume and weight. Our company has a reliable and wide range of customers and partners, so we are able to provide full-service logistics solutions, including customs brokerage services, cargo tracking and cargo insurance, saving time of our customers.

International air cargo transportation is possible in different ways. Taking into account type, volume, weight of cargo, as well as your budget and the desired delivery time, our logistics specialist will select the most suitable type of delivery for your cargo.

Why air freight is the best solution for you?

Air freight is the best solution for long distance deliveries and as soon as possible. Air transport ensures a high level of cargo security, firstly because there is no transhipment and secondly because of increased security controls at airports.

Opportunity to save time of all parties involved

Air freight is the fastest way to deliver cargo, not only because of the speed of the aircraft and air traffic, but also because no transhipment points are organized and a number of risks is avoided, which can occur, for example, during road haulage.

Safe transportation of air transportation for groupage cargo

Vervo Ltd. specialists can collect cargo of different customers in order to reduce prices for air delivery. Such solution ensures safety of your cargo, as the cargo will be reloaded only at its destination and then delivered to your door.

Transport particularly urgent cargo

If cargo delivery is required tomorrow, but it is not possible to do it by land, sea or rail, then air freight will be the most appropriate solution that will meet your wishes and needs in terms of delivery times.

Individual approach

In addition, we will complete all the necessary customs formalities and provide a full package of customs brokerage services for air cargo transportation.



Vervo Ltd. team consists of experienced specialists in field of logistics who know how to solve the most difficult challenges. Entrusting us your cargo, every logistics process, from documentation to unloading, will be carefully planned and controlled.



Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. has been providing high quality services since 2008, establishing long-term cooperation with partners as well as customers. Metal products, medicines or pets - we will deliver everything with the utmost care and attention.



International cargo transportation by air uses a modern monitoring system, which monitors air cargo transportation, so your cargo is always tracked and the route is known from the moment of loading to unloading at the destination.

Our wide range of partners in the field of air transportation and experienced logistics specialists of our company together create a perfect formula, guaranteeing maximum security for your air cargo transportation. For added security, we also offer the shortest transit time, in order to transport perishable goods with a short shelf life. According to the customer's wishes and needs, we also offer air cargo insurance, which provides an additional sense of security for our customers. Air cargo is stored in a strict accounting warehouse, which is serviced by a team of professional staff and guarded by a certified security guard - the cargo is located in a closed warehouse with surveillance cameras.

Air freight transportation offered by Vervo:

  • Import avio freight transportation worldwide
  • Export avio freight transportation worldwide
  • Air transportation of medical goods
  • Air transportation of animals
  • Air transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Air transportation of perishable goods
  • Door-to-door air freight deliveries
  • Groupage shipments worldwide
  • Non-standard air cargo transportation (Project Cargo)

Air cargo transportation is often used when it is not possible to deliver the goods to required destination by other modes of transport, for example to the islands where ferries do not stop and which are not impossible to reach by road. Vervo Ltd. offers air cargo transportation to more than 70 countries around the world, including to and from the United States, South America, to and from China, and to and from Russia, which are countries outside the European Union. In such cases, we help with customs formalities and calculation of taxes.

Vervo Ltd. also offers combined cargo transport, which often is the most appropriate formula for making international freight transportation both fast and advantagous. For example, if the air cargo is transported to one of the largest airports in Europe, such as Helsinki Airport or Frankfurt Airport, but the cargo has to be delivered to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius - we offer to combine air transport with land transport, which will provide faster and more profitable way of delivery than only air or land transportation.

Prices of air cargo transportation

Air cargo transportation, compared to other modes of cargo deliveries, is more expensive and exclusive service because it provides perfect security control and speed of cargo delivery. It often pays off because the customer's wishes and needs are fully met, ensuring transportation of the highest quality. Air freight rates are based on the type, volume and weight of cargo, as well as the distance to go.

Vervo Ltd. provides a full range of logistics services so that you can dedicate time to yourself and your business. We offer high quality customer service, individual approach and the best solutions for cargo delivery by air. Our wide range of partners around the world and infrastructure will ensure delivery of your cargo at agreed time

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