Container transport

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Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers all types of container transportation with delivery to your door. The most popular mode of container transportation is by sea, which provides transportation of groupage (LCL) and full (FCL) sea containers with port-to-port or door-to-door delivery. Using the available infrastructure, it is possible to perform multimodal container transportation by sea - rail, providing cargo transportation to and from Asia, South America, North America and Africa.

What does container transport involve?

Container transportation can be carried out both by land and by ship and rail transport, providing optimal solution for long-distance international freight transport without reloading from one type of trailer or tank to another, since standard modular containers are used everywhere, according to ISO. Container sizes can be viewed here.

Types of containers for transportation of various cargoes:

  • Standard containers

    Freight transport with standard containers takes place in an enclosed cargo space and is designed for almost all types of freight transport by sea, rail and road. Standard containers have a capacity of various sizes, from 11 Euro pallets to non-standard cargo containers. The most popular container sizes are 20 ', 40' and 45 '(feet).
  • Open containers

    Open Top containers are structurally different with the option to remove the roof and door supports, which allow heavy or large loads to be loaded from above or from the front. Open Side container type is also available, which has an openable side edge which is intended for loading non-standard loads with a forklift.
  • Refrigerator containers

    This container can be used to transport medicines, food or other groups of cargo that require a special and controlled temperature. It is possible to provide a temperature from +25 degrees to -25 degrees Celsius. There are 3 different sizes of refrigerated containers and they are adapted to the size and volume of the load.
  • Flat rack containers

    This type of container is intended for carriage of non-standard goods and has only end walls which are used to secure the load. Flat Rack containers come in 2 sizes and the 40' container is used to transport particularly heavy and large loads, for example such as technical equipment or machinery.
  • Ventilated containers

    Ventilated container is intended for delivery and storage of cargo for such groups of goods that require air exchange, for example cereals, coffee products, cocoa and other goods. Containers of this type equipped with a ventilation system are available in one size, which is 20 feet in size.
  • Bulk containers

    Bulk containers are 20 feet in size and ensure safe transportation of cargo. These containers have three loading openings on the roof and a loading ramp instead of a door. Most often bulk container transport is used for seeds, spices and cereals groups of goods.
  • Tank containers or ISO tanks

    This type of containers can be compared to road tankers in that it is designed to carry a variety of liquids, such as juices, oils, as well as chemicals that are classified as dangerous goods (ADR). One of the advantages of ISO tanks is the large volume, which reduces transportation costs.
  • Container – platform

    Container platform is like a standard container, but without side walls on the roof. It is most often used for heavy and oversized cargo. In order to ensure safe transportation of non-standard cargo using container platforms, on the platform is located special equipment for loading and unloading cargo, as well as for securing the cargo.

Vervo Ltd. offers container cargo delivery with all types of containers to and from anywhere in the world. Our logistics specialist will recommend the best solution for the choice of containers and mode of transportation according to the type of your cargo. We will deliver your cargo according to the chosen mode of transportation - land, rail or sea transport. Delivery time depends on the distance of freight transportation, as well as the mode of transport used and the transport budget, as, for example, rail container transport will be faster but also costs more.

Offered types of container cargo transport:

Container transport by land
In order to ensure transport of containers by sea or rail, it is also necessary to involve land transport to deliver a container to or from the port or railway terminal. This is provided by land vehicles with suitable semi-trailers called container trucks. Container transport by land is possible for all types of cargo, including dangerous goods (ADR), as well as particularly fragile and easily breakable goods. This is a safe way to deliver your cargo to the right place. In these cases, it is important to remember about necessary loading works and units that can carry out loading on the container carriers.
Container transport by sea
The most popular way of transporting containers is by sea transport, as this way it is possible to deliver cargo to far away countries at optimal costs, such as to and from the USA, South America or to and from China. This type of transportation is especially suitable if cargo delivery is not urgent and a cost-effective solution is needed. Due to the fact that these shipments are time consuming and it is not always possible to trace their location, we also provide cargo tracking services. Vervo Ltd. offers both groupage (LCL) and full cargo (FCL) container transportation by sea.
Container transport by rail
Container transportation by rail is an ideal solution for fast and cost efficient delivery of goods to China, Russia and Asian countries. China is the most popular destination for rail freight, as this new 'Silk Road' is the fastest link between Europe and Asia in terms of international trade. It is also worth noting that rail container transportation is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, reducing CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometer.

Contact us and we will offer you competitive prices and acceptable terms for container shipments.

What are the benefits of container shipping?

Optimal price

Optimal price

Container transport is the most economical way to deliver any type of cargo over long distances. Whether you need to ship to or from China or USA - container shipping will be cost-effective and secure.
Cargo dimensions

Cargo dimensions

One of the advantages of container deliveries is variety of cargo sizes. Small cargo can be combined in groupage cargo transportation (LCL), but we also provide transportation of larger cargo or non-standard cargo with 40 'and 45' (feet), as well as specialized container types.
Safe transport

Safe transport

Standard container types provide safe transportation of cargo, as the cargo is protected, firstly, from dangerous weather conditions that can damage cargo and, secondly, significantly reducing the number of accidents, thus preventing potential damage to the cargo.

Our professional and experienced logistics consultants will discuss with you all stages of freight delivery and agree on the optimal solution. At Vervo, it all starts with a free consultation, during which we discuss wishes, possibilities and the best ways of transportation.

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  • If necessary, we will deliver your cargo from door to door
  • We will offer competitive prices
  • Complete all customs-related formalities, offering services of our professional customs brokers
  • You will be able to receive accurate information about location of the cargo at all stages of cargo delivery