Land cargo transport

If it is possible to arrive, we will deliver within few days!

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that has been providing the highest quality domestic and international LAND cargo transportation to more than 120 countries worldwide since 2008. Local or international cargo transportation is provided according to the wishes and needs of our customers, using a suitable type of transport trailer or semi-trailer.

What is land cargo transportation?

Land cargo transportation means that the goods are delivered to their destination by road without using rail or sea and air routes, but, if necessary, Vervo Ltd. also offers multimodal cargo transport and a combination of different types of transport, for example for cargo deliveries from Poland to Germany. Road cargo transport is the optimal solution for customers who need cargo transportation across Europe, and we provide deliveries of all types of cargo using appropriate type of transport and trailer.

In cases where advantageous land cargo transportation is needed, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international road cargo transportation.

What are the benefits of road cargo transportation?

Land cargo transportation is the most common way of delivering goods from point A to point B. One of the most important advantages of land cargo transportation is the possibility to deliver goods door to door - we will arrive to you, load the cargo and unload it at your desired location.

Fast delivery and optimal price

The priority of customers nowadays is the speed of cargo delivery, and land cargo transport is able to provide it at an optimal price. Within a few days, your cargo can be transported to Germany, Russia or, for example, Spain. By collecting groupage cargo, you will save both your time and money. Road cargo transport is the most cost-effective solution in terms of both delivery time and cost.

Control in all routes


Full range logistics service

In order to fulfill the customer's wishes, we have established long-term cooperation with reliable partners. It provides an opportunity to use warehousing services, customs brokerage services, insurance services in any place of the world. Our knowledgeable logistics specialists will inform you about required documentation, permits and licenses. We will take care of all stages of logistics so that you can dedicate your time to development of your business.

Land cargo transportation Vervo Ltd.

Cooperating with Vervo Ltd. You can be sure that we will deliver any type of cargo to your door within the terms agreed in the contract. We work with the largest transport companies in Poland, Europe and elsewhere in the world, that is why we can provide a suitable vehicle, taking into account size, quantity and peculiarities of your cargo.
  • Group cargo transportation

    If your cargo is not large enough or doesn't have enough number of items to fill the entire cargo space, the most economical solution for delivery is groupage. This means that the cargo of several customers is transported in one vehicle, therefore, you will pay only for the place you occupy. You can calculate already now how many LDM or loading meters your cargo will take up. LDM calculator
  • Full load transportation

    In cases when the quantity or size of your cargo takes up full cargo space and you need the entire truck, we will plan the optimal route so that your land cargo transportation is performed as cheaply, quickly and safely as possible. We will also take care of customs procedures if your land transportation is to or from a third world country.
  • Transport of hazardous goods ADR

    Cooperation with Vervo Ltd., transportation of your hazardous goods by road will be safe, fast and convenient, because we will inform you about all necessary licenses and permits required for transportation of hazardous goods. We provide suitable vehicle, taking into account the classes cargo hazard, and cooperate with professional and knowledgeable drivers.
  • Transportation of over-sized goods

    Domestic or international land cargo transport is often carried out with accompanying transport, as the cargo often exceeds the standard size. We will take care of necessary permits, police escorts and a suitable platform to ensure safe transportation of over-sized or heavy cargo. We will deliver your over-sized cargo to your door!
  • Transportation of bulk and liquid cargo

    Land cargo transportation is also possible for liquid cargo, as well as bulk cargo. To ensure delivery of this type of cargo, we will take care of a suitable vehicle equipped with a tank for liquid cargo or a special trailer for bulk cargo. The destination for bulk cargo in many cases is within the borders of Poland, so land cargo transport is the most appropriate solution for such deliveries.
  • Car transportation

    This mode of transport is particularly popular within Europe, and transportation of cars is ensured by special hauliers that can carry up to 12 light motor cars. Land cargo transportation is the fastest, most cost-effective and safest mode of transport, that s why this method of delivery is in high demand, ensuring delivery of a car in just a few days.
  • Cargo deliveries with a special temperature mode

    Land cargo deliveries is also possible for goods that require a certain temperature regime, such as medicines or foodstuffs. We provide such transportation with a refrigerator, which will maintain the temperature specified by you throughout the whole transportation period, from the moment the cargo is loaded to the moment it is unloaded at the place of your choice.
In cases where advantageous land cargo transportation is needed, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international road cargo transportation.

Transport trailers for land cargo transportation

Did you immediately imagine a truck? Yes, they can also be used to transport both groupage and full loads, but the range of our offers is not limited to trucks. At Vervo you will be able to choose one of the types of land transport, and they are:


Land cargo transportation by minibus is suitable for local cargo transport in Poland, door-to-door delivery of small packages, as well as for transportation of expensive and exclusive goods, such as works of art and exhibits. Minibus is also used for express cargo deliveries, as it is easy to travel various routes without reloading operations.

Standard tarpaulin vehicles/semi-trailer

Land cargo transportation with tent trailers or semi-trailers is intended for the transport of packaged and frost-resistant cargo. Cargo loading and unloading can be performed from the side, from the top or from the back. The capacity of load may vary depending on the height and length of semi-trailer. This is the most demanded mode of transportation for land cargo transportation.


Road cargo transport by tank is intended for liquid cargo. Milk, vegetable oil, as well as various chemicals (ADR) can be transported in tanks. In addition to a tank that can carry a single liquid substance, we also offer multi-compartment tanks that allow you to transport several kinds of liquid loads at the same time.

Megatrailer semitrailer and Jumbo semitrailer

Mega-trailer semi-trailer is often used to transport high equipment or wooden modular houses, the same way, this mode of transport is also suitable for delivery of light but bulky loads, such as transportation of foam or empty packaging. By contrast, a Jumbo semi-trailer, with or without side borders, is intended for transportation of short equipment or machinery higher than the standard tarpaulin height of 2.70 meters.


Land cargo transportation with a cargo platform is performed in cases when cargo dimensions exceed the specified standard dimensions in width or length. The cargo platform is often used to transport agricultural or forestry machinery, oversized metal or concrete products, as well as timber-framed houses with or without accompanying transport.

Refrigerator trailer/semitrailer

Land cargo transportation is also performed for loads that requires certain temperature control. These can be medicines, fruits, fish or other foods. Temperature regime is possible from +25 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius. The refrigerator trailer or semi-trailer is equipped with special humidity, temperature and atmosphere control devices.

In cases where advantageous land cargo transportation is needed, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international road cargo transportation.

We are ready to listen to your wishes and find the most convenient and appropriate solution to any situation. The range of Vervo services is quite wide - we offer various cargo delivery services.

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3 steps for land cargo transport

Planning of cargo routes is always a time-consuming process, and not everyone can do it, so Vervo is ready to help you! There are few steps from offer to purchase. How to do it? You need to do the following:
Log in

Log in

Go to Vervo website, fill out application form with the available information about transportation and a transport manager will contact you.

Receive an offer

Receive an offer

Your transport manager will find the best route for the offer, transport and calculate the price of cargo transportation.



Documents are prepared remotely, agreeing on the date, time and place of export and delivery.

Individual approach

We will also take care of formalities - you will not have to worry and spend time on import and export formalities.

Vervo Ltd. provides a full cargo transportation cycle - door to door, making everyday life of our customers easier! We organize full cargo transport, solving all issues related to transportation - documentation and permits are arranged, goods are loaded and unloaded.

If you are also looking for the most reliable and cost-effective land cargo carrier, contact us and together we will be able to find the most suitable route, mode of transport and price!