Transport of farm animals

Transport of animals in accordance with international requirements.

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that provides all types of local or international cargo transport, both for the transport of bulky goods and for the transportation of livestock. Given that animals are living creatures, this type of transport must be given great care and attention, regardless of whether animals are transported at a distance of 30 km or 300 km. Farmers can feel safe in entrusting us with their animals, as the transport of farm animals that we provide is carried out with the utmost professionalism and knowledge.

What is transport of farm animals?

Transport of livestock is transportation of animals from point A to point B and transport begins from the moment when the first animal is loaded till the time when the last animal is unloaded. We regularly transport breeding animals to and from Turkey, Georgia, Europe and the CIS countries using special trailers. We have specially equipped machines to ensure the safe transport of farm animals, providing safe conditions for animal health.

In cases where safe and cost-effective transport of farm animals is required, contact Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international animal transportation.

Authorizations for the transport of farm animals

Commercial transport service of farm animals is offered only to legal entities. If transport of farm animals is a commercial transportation, permission of the animal carrier and a special certificate of qualification are required. Permission and the certificate may not be present in only one case - if the distance between the place of loading and the place of unloading of the animals does not exceed 65 km. In cases where transport of livestock is longer than 8 hours, an additional vehicle permit is required. At the same time, when performing non-commercial transportation in the territory of Latvia from one grazing place to another, a permit and certificate of the FVS (Food and Veterinary Service) is not required. The animal transporter must comply with the animal welfare requirements and the requirements mentioned in Regulation 1/2005

Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers stipulate that the following documents must be present for the transport of farm animals in the territory of Latvia:

In cases where animals are moved from one holding to another, an animal movement declaration is required;

In cases when animals are transported to a slaughterhouse, an accompanying document is required for the transport of animals to the slaughterhouse;

In cases when animals transported to a collection center, an accompanying document for the movement of animals is required.

A cattle passport is required in all cases. It may be electronic for the local transport of livestock, but for international transport of livestock it must be in a tangible format.

Welfare requirements for the transport of farm animals

It is not a secret that the transport of animals causes stress to both healthy and sick animals, with the risk of exacerbation of the disease. Failure to comply with animal welfare requirements can have a negative impact on the animal and its health, not only in the short term but also in the long term, reducing quality of livestock production. Extraneous environment, traffic, climatic conditions, lack of food and water are just some of the factors that affect well-being of a farm animal. It is the responsibility of the farmer to assess the health of an animal before transport in order to determine whether it is suitable for transportation of animal.

Article 36 of the Law on the Protection of Animals stipulates that the transport of farm animals must be ensured by a suitable means of transport while maintaining conditions that are safe for animal health. If necessary, the law also allows administration of sedative medicine to the animal before or during transport of farm animals. This can only be done under the guidance of a practicing veterinarian.

Animal welfare requirements also provide for adequate feeding, watering and appropriate keeping conditions, as well as continuous monitoring of the good health and behavior of the farm animal. The rules on the transport of animals prevent leaving animals unattended if it can endanger the health or life of an animal.

If the transport time of livestock is up to 8 hours, a normal ventilation system is sufficient for the vehicle, but if the transport takes more than 8 hours, special equipment must be provided to allow the cattle to drink, and there must be ventilation to provide fresh air. Trucks must be equipped with temperature control and navigation.

Up to 300 sheep can be loaded in one truck, but they are divided into 3 floors. Cows can be transported up to 33, but a maximum weight of 18 tonnes must be observed, so the number of cows depends on the weight of each animal. Due to the fact that bulls are heavier than cows, they can be transported in less number, depending on the total weight. Farm animals are separated by special walls, providing more space for pregnant cows, for example.

In cases where safe and cost-effective transport of farm animals is required, contact Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international animal transportation.

Transport of farm animals by Vervo Ltd.

Farm animals transport services provided by Vervo Ltd. are safe, as all activities related to the transport of livestock are performed by responsible, experienced and certified professionals. Cattle are transported in accordance with animal transport regulations and welfare requirements.



According to the requirements of the transported animals

Rest breaks

Less stress during transport


Water tanks according to the number of animals

Visual assessment of health status

Certified specialists who perform inspections during rest breaks

Individual approach

Using Vervo Ltd. transport of farm animals, you can be sure that the animals will arrive at the consignee at the agreed time and properly cared for.

Step-by-step transport of farm animals

Step 1

Prior to transportation, the route shall be examined in order to minimize transport times so that it does not endanger animals and meets the needs of the customer

Step 1

Step 2

The vehicle must be designed, maintained and operated in order to prevent possible injuries to the animals

Step 3

Loading and unloading of animals must be ensured with appropriate equipment

Step 3

Step 4

Personnel caring for farm animals must be trained and competent in the performance of their duties without violence and in any manner which could cause fear or suffering to the animals

Step 5

Transport of farm animals must be carried out without delay and animals welfare conditions must be regularly checked

Step 5

Step 6

Regular feeding, watering and resting of farm animals, according to the species and size of the animals, is a mandatory requirement.

Use Vervo Ltd. livestock trailers, if it is necessary to import or export:

Breeding bulls

Half of the herd's success depends on the quality of the breeding bulls


Both purebred horses for racing and working horses


Both meat and wool breeds


Both dairy and meat breeds
In cases where safe and cost-effective transport of farm animals is required, contact Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international animal transportation.

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