Transportation of cars

With door-to-door delivery!

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that handles all types of cargo transportation to and from more than 120 countries around the world. The range of various transport and logistics services also includes transportation of cars and motorcycles delivering transportation vehicles around the world to your door (door to door). International car delivery or delivery of motorcycles is possible for both individuals and legal entities, and the distance between the place of loading and unloading of the vehicle is not an obstacle. Road transport is often also carried out to and from countries outside the European Union, such as Russia, the United States and Japan to Poland, and in these cases customs brokerage services are also required to complete the transport. Vervo's logistics specialists will provide all the necessary formalities and help you to complete customs procedures, be it an import declaration or an export declaration. We can deliver various vehicles and cars to and from European countries, to and from the CIS countries and other countries around the world.

Transportation of cars with delivery to the door both when buying and selling a vehicle!

There are regular road haulage flights to and from European countries, CIS countries, as well as container transportation to and from the USA. Passenger cars are transported by auto transporters, driven by professional and experienced drivers who will take care of the safe transportation of customers' cars to your door. We offer both car trailers and open and closed type trucks. We provide professional solutions in accordance with the wishes and needs of each client, even in cases where the car is transported from countries that do not have regular international car trailer trips. The range of vehicle delivery services offered by Vervo Ltd.:


Transportation of passenger cars

International car transportation with open or closed trucks or car trailers to and from Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic and CIS countries. Taking into account your wishes and needs, Vervo Ltd. logistics specialists will find the most suitable way of car transportation.


Our range of services also includes transportation of high-value sports cars and exclusive cars. Vervo Ltd. offers cargo insurance services that guarantee customers a 100% sense of security when performing road transport.

Transportation of motorcycles

In addition to the delivery of cars, we also transport local and international motorcycles from the auction houses, manufacturer or from a warehouse to the consignee. When contacting us, the most advantageous route will be applied, regardless of the place of loading and unloading.

GPS tracking

Cargo tracking services offered by Vervo Ltd. provide real-time information on the location of cargo. At the click of a button, you can keep track of your cargo virtually and be sure that your trusted car will reach its destination on time.

What are the ways for transporting cars?

  • Transportation of cars with an open auto transporter

    The most popular way to make local and international passenger car deliveries is to transport the car by open auto transporter. One of the most important advantages of this type of transportation is the large capacity, as up to 12 cars can be transported at a time. To ensure the safe transport of cars, logistics specialists of Vervo Ltd. control all stages of transportation, for example, ensuring the loading and unloading of cars by professional employees. A car can be transported to and from anywhere in the world, including to and from the CIS countries, to and from Asian countries or to and from the USA. We will prepare all the necessary documents, including customs declarations.
  • Transportation of cars with an closed auto transporter

    One of the safest ways to transport cars is with a closed auto transporter. However, closed auto transporters have limited dimensions, where can be loaded vehicles with a length of up to 4.6 meters, a width of up to 1.8 meters and a maximum height of 1.3 meters. One of the main advantages of closed road haulage is that, firstly, the car is not visible to the public and, secondly, the transport is protected from weather conditions, such as hail or strong wind gusts, which can affect the quality of a car. Contacting us, logistics managers of Vervo Ltd. will choose the most appropriate route and mode of transportation, taking into account your wishes and needs. Transporting your cars with a closed truck will be safe, convenient and profitable.
  • Transportation of exclusive cars

    Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. offers transportation of all types of cars, including transportation of exclusive cars. Our logistics specialists will ensure the most secure delivery of transport, whether it is a Tesla, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW sports car or a retro car such as a Pontiac. Exclusive cars are transported to and from the United States or Canada, to and from the CIS, to and from Europe and the rest of the world, including islands. Entrusting car deliveries to us, you will get the highest quality customer service, the most advantageous routes, transport solutions and car transportation insurance.
  • Transportation of passenger cars in containers by sea

    International container shipping is used to deliver cars from the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as to and from the Middle East. This type of transport is suitable for long distances. When using sea routes, it is to be expected that the delivery time will be longer, but the costs will be lower. When choosing to transport cars in containers by sea, you will need documentation which Vervo Ltd. specialists will help you to obtain. In addition, car deliveries to and from third world countries require customs procedures and services offered by Vervo Ltd. also includes customs brokerage services.

Transportation of cars provided by Vervo Ltd. will be fast and cost efficient. You can be sure that your transport will reach the recipient at the agreed time and in ideal condition.

Entrusting deliveries of your car to Vervo Ltd., you will get a long-term transport service partner and not only that:



Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. knows what is the high quality of customer service and your car transportation application will be processed by experienced logistics specialists.

Individual approach

Individual approach

Each car is transported finding you a personal transport manager, with whom you will be able to consult even after working hours. Individual approach is the key to good cooperation.
GPS tracking

GPS tracking

As long as we control delivery of your vehicles, you can be informed of every intersection crossed during the route thanks to our cargo tracking services.
Parking lot

Parking lot

If necessary, you will also be provided with long-term parking, regardless of the country in which the vehicle is located - Russia, Germany or even America.

Vervo Ltd. provides transport up to 12 cars in one car trailer, depending on dimensions of the delivered car.

Delivery of 8 cars

If length of the car is from 4.55 to 4.83 m (cars of premium class)

Delivery of 9 cars

Delivery of 9 middle class cars, if their length is from 3.96 m to 4.5 m

Delivery of 10 cars

Delivery of 10 compact class cars, if their length is from 2.5 m to 3.9 m

Delivery of 12 cars

Delivery of 12 small class cars, if their length is up to 2.5 m

Delivery of 7 vans

Delivery of 7 vans if the length is up to 4.86 m and the height is up to 1.95 m

Delivery of 3 minibuses

3 minibuses if the length is up to 6.59 m

Contact our professional logistics managers and receive a free consultation on transportation of motorcycles, machinery or cars to and from anywhere in the world.

We will be happy to find the fastest transport solution so that transportation of your car is of the highest quality. Contact our customer service manager, we will find the most suitable solution.