Transportation of over-sized goods

Uncompromising quality

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that finds a solution for every oversized cargo, as well as for every non-standard cargo, thanks not only to our wide range of partners, but also to our ability to think outside the box. Oversized cargo transport is a mode of transportation used by customers who supply, for example, prefabricated houses, wind turbines, industrial machinery or production equipment.
In cases when it is necessary to perform transportation of oversized cargo, contact our logistics specialist, because transportation of such cargo is complicated and requires timely planning.

What is oversized cargo transportation?

Oversized cargo transport means that the size of cargo exceeds standard dimensions, possibly also the permitted weight. It is usually not possible to fit it in a semi-trailer or trailer of a standard lorry, as very rarely the permitted dimensions exceed only height dimension limit. Due to the nature of the cargo, we use appropriate and fit for cargo size transport, which is provided by Vervo logistics specialists.

If you have cargo, but you have doubts about whether the cargo size corresponds standard cargo transport or oversized cargo transport, contact a Vervo logistics specialist who will provide you with a free consultation and help you to find the best solution for your shipment.

Oversized cargo transportation step - by - step

We perform planning of international cargo transportation and engineering preparation, depending on the type, parameters and weight of the transported cargo, as well as destination of cargo delivery.
Development of a route
Taking into account characteristics of the load, it is important to plan a route so that it doesn't delay the transport, for example, check the height of power lines on the road or height and load-bearing capacity of the bridges.
If necessary, we provide oversized or heavy goods loading and cargo unloading done by professional, experienced and responsible employees with the appropriate machinery and equipment.
Often oversized cargo transportation requires accompanying transport to ensure road safety, also in accordance with the standards of each country we organize a police escort.
We will draw up all the necessary documents and permits for transportation of oversized cargo, so that delivery of cargo takes place without delay, and you can save your precious time.

Vervo oversized cargo transportation and its advantages

When choosing VERVO transport services, you will not have to worry about certain nuances, because we offer a full logistics service, which includes:
Professional consultations

Professional consultations

Our specialists will provide free consultation on all issues related to cargo transportation. During consultation, we will clarify important information so that transportation of oversized cargo are carried out safely and within the agreed deadlines.


Oversized cargo transportation requires accurate planning of route and research to guarantee the safest and fastest delivery. Taking into account dimensions of non-standard cargo, it is necessary to check the load-bearing capacity and/or height of the bridges on route, as well as the road signs and road barriers located at the intersections.
Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents

Non-standard cargo deliveries require various permits and documentation. Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist will prepare all necessary documentation, as well as coordinate it with the responsible state institutions. In addition to CMR insurance, we also offer cargo civil liability insurance.

Favorable conditions

Favorable conditions

Our regular customers we offer especially advantageous terms of cooperation, as well as adapt to different payment methods and terms. Vervo Ltd. provides customer service of the highest quality, promoting long-term cooperation opportunities.

Transportation of over-sized cargo

Vervo Ltd. transports all types of cargo to and from more than 120 countries of the world, using all modes of transport. International oversized cargo can be transported by land, as well as by sea, by rail or using air transport.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo by land

    Oversized cargo transportation by land is performed with a unique equipment that provides a wide range of configuration options, depending on the type of cargo. Our tractors are equipped with the latest generation of engines that meet environmental requirements, providing the necessary power to transport every non-standard load.

    Oversized cargo transportation by land is performed using the following equipment:
    - Longitudinal trailers with loading height 300 - 450mm and weight up to 45t;
    - Longitudinal trailers with loading height 850 - 920mm and weight up to 95t;
    - Changing platforms for loads up to 37 m in length.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo by sea

    In order to ensure cost-efficient and safe international oversized cargo transportation we also use sea routes to the largest ports in Europe and the world. Oversized and heavy loads are transported in specialized containers, depending on the type, weight and parameters of the cargo. Wide range of partners of Vervo Ltd. provides transportation of oversized and/or heavy cargo by sea in just a few days.

    Oversized cargo transportation by sea is performed from:
    - Port of Gdynia
    - Port of Gdansk
    - Port of Szczecin
    - Port of Świnoujście
  • Transportation of oversized cargo by rail

    Oversized cargo transportation by rail is most often performed for cargo deliveries to China and other Asian countries or to Russia and other CIS countries. It is possible to adapt containers and platforms for oversized and heavy cargo transportation. In cooperation with Vervo Ltd. you will get not only fast, safe and cost-effective solutions, but also a reliable long-term partner.

    Oversized cargo transport by rail is the best solution because:
    - It is the safest mode of transport;
    - It is also a cost-effective mode of transport;
    - You can deliver your cargo to China or Russia in a couple of weeks;
    - We also offer insurance and customs brokerage services for oversized cargo.
  • Oversized cargo transport by air

    Deliveries by air can be used not only for transportation of standard-size cargo, oversized cargo transportation can also be performed by air. When choosing air cargo transportation, you have to be aware that it is an exclusive mode of transport with higher costs, but it is the best solution when the cargo needs to be delivered quickly. By air you can get to places that are difficult to reach by water or road.

    Transportation of oversized cargo by air is fast and safe, as well as we will provide:
    - Consultation on options of oversize cargo, including routes;
    - Customs documentation, if necessary;
    - Import, export and transit documentation;
    - Information on airlines and costs.
In cases when it is necessary to perform transportation of oversized cargo, contact our logistics specialist, because transportation of such cargo is complicated and requires timely planning.
Oversized cargo transportation
The term 'oversized cargo', like other terms - off-gauge or heavyweight cargo - is used when the cargo is outside the standard dimensions in height, length, width or weight. Oversized cargo is often transported as a part of project logistics or Project Cargo, such as wind turbines, oil and chemical equipment or huge pipelines.
Heavy load cargo transport

Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. delivers all types of cargo using all modes of transport - water transport, air transport, rail transport and land transport. Heavyweight cargo transportation is one of our transport services and we provide them with the help of professional forklifts and responsible transport drivers. The most common heavy loads are a crane or a tractor.

Non - standard cargo transport

Vervo Ltd. provides non-standard cargo transportation worldwide for both companies and individuals. Non-standard cargo transport means that the cargo is outside the specified standards and special attention must be paid to it during transportation, for example, additional safety controls or special temperature or ventilation controls must be provided. Non-standard cargo transportation can be even the most unimaginable things which need to be delivered to the destination.

In cases when it is necessary to perform transportation of oversized cargo, contact our logistics specialist, because transportation of such cargo is complicated and requires prior planning.

Contact us and we will plan your cargo transportation and deliver your cargo!

Vervo Ltd. oversized cargo transportation is performed professionally and safely, without harming environment and always within the set deadlines. Experienced and professional specialists will always help you to find the best solution for any type of cargo.