Pallet sizes

Most deliveries conducted by Vervo Ltd. are performed for packaged cargo, which is transported on pallets.

Pallet sizes can vary, but each region has standardized sizes. In Europe there are 120cm x 80cm euro pallets, while in China, Japan and Australia the standard pallets are 110cm x 110cm, in Finland - Finnish pallets measuring 100cm x 120cm and in the United States the two most popular standards are: 101.6cm x 121.9cm and 106.7cm x 106.7cm.


The most popular standard used in Europe has designation EUR, EUR1 and is identical to ISO1 dimensions. Area in transport 0.4 LDM.


The second name is the English pallet, or the largest standard adopted in Europe, which occupies 0.6 LDM of cargo space.

40' High Cube Container

Or FINPAL, which is slightly larger and heavier, and designed for lighter but larger loads and takes up 0.5 LDM.


The function of the pallet is to ensure loading, unloading and securing of the load. If your cargo has a non-standard size, then the dimensions of the pallet must also correspond to the size of cargo.

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