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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers about logistics and cargo transport. Permits, designations and terms.

Car bodies

Jumbo trailer
Jumbo trailer - a trailer or platform with a lowered floor for maximum loading and equipped with a lifting ramp to facilitate loading

Types of cargo and packaging:


Pallet-cargo transportation assistant, which allows us to transport cargo easier, faster and in larger quantities, if the number is large and the packaging is small. There are 4 types of pallets that differ in their size.

There are 4 types of EUR pallets:

1. 800x600 mm;
2. 800x1200 mm;
3. 1000x1200 mm;
4. 1200x1000 mm.

FIN palette: there is only one type-1200x1000 mm
Industrial pallet: there is only one type-1200x1200 mm
Non-standard pallet: pallet sizes may vary;

Cargo transport permits

Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Origin - a certificate of origin printed on a special form containing a description of the goods and certified by the national agency that the goods covered by this certificate, which have come or have been processed in the country in question and which have endorsed this certificate. (The certificate must be completed either in English or, in the case of consignments to Russia, in Russian).

Cargo and transport insurance

Insurance of cargo

A measure by which the owner of a cargo protects its cargo from damage during loading, unloading and transportation.

The Policyholder may be a legal or natural person who is the owner of the cargo, the consignor or consignee, or their authorized persons.

Questions and answers

How is isotherm different from a refrigerator?

Isothermal semi-trailers are made of special panels that prevent exchange of heat between semi-trailer and the environment, which allows to maintain same temperature for a certain period of time.

Refrigerator trailers are also made of special panels, but they also have a built-in cooling system that makes the refrigerator completely independent of the temperature of the environment.

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