Project logistics

An integrated approach to your transportation

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers non-standard cargo or project logistics services (Project Cargo) worldwide, cooperating directly or under contract with subcontractors who have experience in specifics of local processes, ensuring fast and high-quality delivery of project logistics services.

What does the Project Cargo service include?

Project Cargo is a term used to describe local or international transportation of high value or complex equipment. Vervo Ltd. will provide logistics of your cargo to any place in the world, regardless of its specification, providing fast, convenient and cost-effective solutions for transporting oversized, heavy or bulky cargo.

Project logistics consultations

Contacting Vervo Ltd. logistics specialist, you will receive a free consultation, during which, based on your needs, we will develop the most optimal cargo transportation project. Along with planning of transportation, we will regularly maintain perfect mutual communication with all parties involved, providing a solution that meets your needs and wishes, which is to be executed in accordance with the planned schedule.

Planning of project logistics

Your non-standard cargo delivery within the project logistics, based on our experience, will be carefully planned and implemented together with our cooperation partners. We will carry out project planning, evaluating the most optimal solutions during each stage of project logistics, including availability of vehicle charters, lifting capacity of loading and unloading equipment and availability of infrastructure. During organization of transportation, we will coordinate the necessary licenses and documentation so that transportation of project logistics takes place without interruption.

Planning of project logistics

Vervo Ltd. logistics specialists manage each logistics stage of the project in cooperation with subcontractors, ensuring full control over quality execution of the project. As a part of the project logistics, our logistics manager will ensure control over specific delivery, including preparation of necessary documentation and obtaining permits. We will also carry out research of the route to ensure the safest and fastest possible transportation. For non-standard deliveries we arrange, if necessary, accompanying transport and police escorts.
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Vervo Ltd. project logistics:

  • Transportation of oil and chemical production equipment
  • Transportation of mining equipment
  • Project logistics for power plants
  • Delivery of LNG and regasification equipment
  • Delivery of metal - producing machinery and similar equipment
  • Project logistics for pipeline deliveries
  • Delivery of refining and gas processing equipment
  • Delivery of transport system equipment
  • Project logistics for wind generators

The benefits of working with Vervo

We ensure full control over the project logistics transportation at all stages of cargo transportation to provide the highest quality of transportation with optimal delivery times.

We will take care of preparation of documentation - you will not have to worry and spend time processing customs import and export declarations, if that is necessary. We will notify you when licenses or permits are required, as well as other documents.

International project logistics services

Every day we carry out international cargo transportation to and from more than 120 countries of the world, using all types of transport - land transport, sea transport, air transport and railway transport. Vervo Ltd. will provide the most suitable cargo transportation solution, taking into account specifics of your cargo and delivery times. We also provide customs brokerage services in cases where cargo must be delivered to and from third world countries.

Project logistics might be necessary not only in international freight transport, but also in local cargo transportations.

We can deliver non-standard cargo to any place in Poland, providing a suitable vehicle, as well as loading and unloading equipment complying with the specifics of the cargo. Our logistics specialists will plan the most optimal route, taking into account infrastructure, including the load-bearing capacity of the bridges on the road and location of road signs at dangerous intersections, as well as complying with all road traffic regulations, so that your cargo transportation is safe.

Advantages of using Vervo Ltd. project logistics services

Advantageous solutions

Advantageous solutions

Before carrying out cargo transportation, we perform careful and detailed planning. Experience has shown that such approach helps to reduce potential risks associated with transporting goods as well as allows to minimize the costs to maximum.
Excellent reputation

Excellent reputation

Vervo Ltd. logistics specialists have more than 70 years of total experience in the field of transport and logistics, providing the highest quality cargo transportation. We choose only safe and reliable partners with an excellent reputation.
One point agency

One point agency

Transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. offers a full range of logistics services, so you can take the time to develop your core business. We will take care of all formalities and you will not have to worry about realization of the project.
All types of cargo

All types of cargo

We can transport any type of cargo, regardless of the cargo size and weight. We have specialized vehicles and loaders that can carry out transportation of large equipment, such as transportation of oil production equipment or metal structures.

Fill in Vervo Ltd. application form and we will provide a free consultation during which we will agree on the best modes of transport. Our professional and experienced logistics specialists will discuss all stages of cargo delivery with you, starting with application for the project logistics and finishing with cargo unloading, in order to agree on the most optimal solution according to your wishes and needs.

All you have to do is call, we'll do the rest:

  • Skillful project management
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Experience in international transport services
  • Rapid response to emergencies
  • Cargo tracking and documentation systems
  • Continuous communication with subcontractors and the customer

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