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Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company providing both international and domestic cargo transportation. Every day, between the largest cities in Poland, and not only there, because we deliver cargo to any place in Poland, we provide local land cargo transportation is using vehicles. Domestic road cargo transport is the fastest and the most efficient way of delivering goods within Poland. If you need especially urgent cargo transportation, Vervo Ltd. also provides express cargo deliveries, regardless of whether the cargo is to be delivered, for example, from Gdansk to Krakow, from Zakopane to Szczecin or from Kielce to Olsztyn.

Your cargo - our transport


We have a wide fleet available for the delivery of various cargoes, regardless of weight of the cargo, the type of cargo or the amount of cargo. Local cargo transportation can be performed for such cargo types as full cargo, groupage cargo, bulk cargo, liquid cargo and other types of cargo.


If local cargo transportation in Poland is requested in the morning, then we perform it on the same day, regardless of the place of loading and unloading of cargo. In cases when delivery of the cargo is not required on the same day and when an optimal solution for the price of cargo delivery is required, we will deliver your cargo within one or two days after request for cargo transportation.


One of advantages of our company is an individual approach to each client. Our logistics manager, depending on your wishes and needs, will choose the right type of transport so that your local cargo is delivered at the best price.

Transport lokalny w Polsce

Local cargo transportation in Poland

Local road transport services

Local road transport services

To make local cargo transportation in Poland fast, convenient and safe, we offer various types of vehicles for cargo delivery. If you need delivery of small packages or express cargo within Poland, the most appropriate choice will be cargo transportation by cargo minibuses. Transport services we offer also provide dump trucks for bulk cargo transportation and auto tankers for liquid cargo transportation. We also offer transportation of oversized cargo and a standard truck with trailers and semi-trailers for large or combined cargo. By contacting our logistics manager, we will find for you the optimal way of cargo transportation, so that your local cargo deliveries are conducted at the best price.

Rail freight transport in Poland

We work with local railway companies to transport rail freight across Poland, which is one of the most promising modes of transportation, both in terms of safety and ecology. However, given the relatively short distances between railway stations within Poland, local rail freight transportation accounts for only 4% of total volume of cargo.
Rail freight transport in Poland
Warehousing services

Warehousing services

Our warehousing services ensure safe storage of cargo, consolidation of cargo, as well as marking before sending the goods for export or, conversely, for delivery of import cargo to a consignee. Your cargo can be safely stored both in open areas and in various types of warehouses in the capital, Warsaw, and other regional centers in Poland, regardless of where the cargo needs to be delivered.

Domestic logistics services

  • Door-to-door delivery of local cargo

  • Assembly of groupage and delivery

  • Full local cargo transportation

  • Urgent local cargo transportation

  • Local liquid cargo transportation

  • Local bulk transportation

  • Local transportation of hazardous goods

  • Local cargo transportation according to temperature regime

  • Local warehousing services

  • Domestic cargo insurance

  • Local road cargo transportation within convenient time

Domestic logistics services

We offer domestic cargo delivery terms depending on the distance. The shorter the distance of the local cargo transportation, the faster we can deliver your cargo. For any domestic transport services contact Vervo Ltd., as dozens of different types of trucks run around Poland every day, including tarpaulin vehicles and cargo minibuses with full and groupage loads. In case you need to transport private belongings, Vervo Ltd. will prepare the load with great care and attention, for example, by packing the items in films, as well as loading and unloading, regardless of whether it is evening or a holiday.

What are the key benefits of Vervo cargo transport?

Vervo cargo transport is a fast and safe way to deliver your cargo to its destination. The most important advantages provided by our cargo transportation are:


Your domestic cargo transportation in Poland with the help of Vervo Ltd. is convenient, because in three simple steps - filling in an application on the website, receiving a price offer and concluding an electronic contract - we will take care of loading, unloading and appropriate documentation, as well as make sure that local cargo transportation in Poland would be done by most advantageous route.



Local cargo transportation for each of our customers is safe and simplified, because we cooperate with proven cargo suppliers who are professionals in their field, as well as provide appropriate documentation. We care about your business, so we invite you to establish a reliable cooperation with Vervo Ltd.!



We offer the optimal solution so that your local cargo transportation is done at the best price. By contacting Vervo Ltd. logistics specialists, you will not waste time and money searching for a truck and planning a route - local cargo transportations with us are even more advantageous!

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Teamwork of transport and logistics company Vervo Ltd. is characterized by words - fast, safe and easy. Save your valuable time and money by entrusting your cargo to Vervo Ltd.. Your local cargo will be delivered by the most optimal route and the most suitable cargo transport. We will provide you with a free consultation on all types of domestic cargo transportation, regardless of whether the cargo is loaded in Warsaw, Krakow or Gdynia.