Holidays in EU & CIS

Information on holidays in countries to and from which Vervo Ltd. carries cargo.

Usually Public holidays affect transport services performed by road, because auto transport is a subject to travel restrictions due to public holidays.

The following restrictions mainly apply to cargo vehicles and trains of vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of over 7.5 tonnes, which are most often used for the transport of land cargo. In Germany, for example, such vehicles are prohibited from traveling on Sundays and public holidays from 00:00 to 22:00 When planning cargo transport during the holidays, it is necessary to take into account not only the travel time restrictions in some countries, but also working hours of shippers and recipients, as well as changes in ferry schedules, etc. In order for your shipment to arrive on time, please order cargo transportation services in time by contacting Vervo Ltd. transport managers!

Country Holiday Date
Belgium Whit Sunday 06.05
Bulgaria St George's Day 06.05
Denmark Constitution Day 06.05
Denmark Whit Sunday 06.05
Estonia Whit Sunday 06.05
Finland Whit Sunday 06.05
France Whit Sunday 06.05
Germany Whit Sunday 06.05
Netherlands Whit Sunday 06.05
Norway Whit Sunday 06.05
Slovenia Whit Sunday 06.05
Sweden Whit Sunday 06.05
Kazakhstan Defender of the Fatherland Day 07.05
Czech republic Liberation Day Czech Republic 08.05
France Victory Day 1945 08.05
Slovakia Day of victory over fascism 08.05
Albania Saint Teresa Canonisation Day 09.05
Armenia Victory and Peace Day 09.05
Azerbaijan Victory Day 09.05
Belarus Victory Day (Second World War) 09.05
Bosnia and Herzegovina Victory Day 09.05
Georgia Victory against Fascism Day 09.05
Kazakhstan Victory Day 09.05
Kyrgyzstan Victory Day 09.05
Liechtenstein Europe Day 09.05
Moldova Victory Day (Second World War) 09.05
Russia Victory Day (Second World War) 09.05
Serbia Europe Day 09.05
Ukraine Victory Day (Second World War) 09.05
Uzbekistan Day of Memory and Respect 09.05
Russia Victory Day 10.05
Belarus Commemoration Day 11.05
Georgia Saint Andrew's Day 12.05
Denmark Day of Repentance and Prayer 13.05
Norway Norway National Holiday 17.05