Sea freight

The most advantageous solution for large cargoes and considerable distances!

Vervo Ltd. is a transport and logistics company that offers a full range of services, providing cargo delivery by all modes of transport: air, land and rail, we also offer sea freight. We provide all types of sea freight, both for container and non-standard cargo. Sea freight is the most economical solution, ensuring delivery of cargo according to the customer's budget and the desired delivery time.
In cases where profitable and fast transport of dangerous goods ADR is required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international freight transport.

What is sea freight transport?

Sea freight means that the cargo is transported by sea. This can be by ferry, container ship or other means of maritime transport. Sea freight transport is suitable for customers who transport large volumes of cargo and for whom delivery times are not critical, as well as to places that are not connected by land or rail. Sea freight transport is also the most economical solution compared to other modes of transport, but the delivery time by sea is longer. The most common sea freight shipments are to and from the United States, to and from China or other Asian countries.

What does sea freight transport contain

Not all cities are easily and quickly accessible by road. Sea freight is the most convenient way to deliver large cargoes, even if the place of departure and arrival is not close to the port. Our service offered includes all stages of cargo preparation and handling from cargo acceptance to successful delivery. We will help you prepare documents, including licenses, permits and customs declarations, if necessary, so that you can focus on the development of your business and not worry about sea freight transport.

Types of sea freight deliveries

High-Cube containers

Container sea freight transportation with 20', 40' and 40' High-Cube containers.

Flat Rack containers

Non-standard sea freight transportation with Flat Rack containers

Open Top containers

Non-standard sea freight transportation with Open Top containers.

Contact us and we will offer you competitive prices and acceptable terms for sea freight transportation.

Types of sea freight:


Groupage is the most appropriate mode of transport for customers when cargo size or volume does not fit in one container. This is a cost-effective solution by combining your cargo with another customer's cargo and paying only for the space occupied by your cargo.

Temperature control

Sea freight transportation for cargo with temperature control is conducted in refrigerated containers. Often these sea freight transports consist of medicines, foodstuffs or plants that require a certain temperature.

Bulk freight

Sea freight transportation is also suitable for bulk cargo. Most often transported seeds, spices and cereals. If necessary, we also provide a ventilated container that ensures necessary air exchange, for example, when transporting coffee or cocoa.

Liquid bulk cargo

Transportation of liquid bulk cargo or liquid cargo is performed by tankers, the types of which you can find out below. Sea freight transport in bulk usually consists of oils, wines, chemicals or fuel. We will help with the necessary documentation for sea freight transportation.


Sea freight transportation for full loads is performed for customers whose size of cargo or volume can occupy the entire cargo space or container. This is an advantageous solution for transporting large quantities of cargo to distant places, such as to the USA or from China.

Dangerous goods (ADR)

Transport of dangerous goods is the transportation of explosives, gases, flammable liquids and other dangerous goods, which are divided into 9 classes according to the degree of danger. Such sea freight transportation requires proper documentation and permits, which we will help to arrange.

Before performing any type of sea freight transportation, be sure to read conditions of Incoterm 2020, which are intended for sea freight transportation. Often both the buyer and the seller are not aware of limits of their responsibilities, so be informed and aware of the International Trade Rules!

In cases where profitable and fast transport of dangerous goods ADR is required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international freight transport.

Sea freight transportation Vervo Ltd.

We coordinate total freight volumes with the world's largest shipping lines to provide the highest quality of sea freight transportation, guaranteeing space and the best prices for container deliveries. We also provide a full range of logistics services, delivering from port to port or door to door. Our offered services include:

  • Freight deliveries from port to port
  • Freight deliveries from port to port
  • Customs warehousing services
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Organization of full cycle of container transport
  • Sea / Ocean / River freight forwarding services
  • International delivery terms according to Incoterms
  • Cargo collection and consolidation
  • Cargo handling organization in ports
  • Customs brokerage services

Individual approach

We will also take care of formalities - you will not have to worry and spend time on import and export formalities.

Maritime freight transport by different vessels

Container vessels

Container vessel is one of the most popular modes of transport for sea freight deliveries. Capacity of container vessels are measured in 20 equivalent units, denoted as TEU. Most commonly freight is transported by 20 'or 40' (foot) containers.

Bulk carrier

Sea freight transport by bulk carrier is used for bulk cargo, not packaged. The following cargoes are most often transported by bulk carriers: coal, grain, cement and ore. Bulk carriers today can carry up to 400 000 metric tons (DWT).


A tanker is intended for the carriage of liquid or gaseous freight by sea. Tanker vessels are divided into the following groups: oil tanker, chemical tanker and gas tanker. This vessel transports fuel, vegetable oils and other liquids.

Main advantages of maritime freight transport

Sea freight is the most economical way to deliver over long distances. The main advantages are:

Sea freight is one of the most economical modes of freight transportation, providing cost-effective delivery solutions, for example, to and from China.

The freight with sea transport can be delivered over very long distances, but it should be taken into account that sea freight takes several weeks.

It is possible to transport very large, voluminous freight by sea. No other mode of transport provides such transport of large volume.
In cases where profitable and fast transport of dangerous goods ADR is required, contact our logistics specialist to discuss possible solutions for your local or international freight transport.
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