We offer local and international groupage and full cargo transportation. Reasonably priced cargo transport plays a significant role in the current economic situation.

For cargo transportation to and from Asian countries, we mainly use sea and rail transportation, both groupage (LCL) and full (FCL) cargo delivery with port-to-port or door-to-door delivery. Using the available infrastructure, it is possible to perform multimodal container transportation by sea - rail, providing cargo transportation to and from Asian countries. The main trading partners in the region are China, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and India.

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Cargo transport services between Asian countries and Latvia

Asian countries and Latvia.Container transport is mainly used for export and import of goods to Asian countries. The main exports are wood and wood products, as well as machinery and equipment, but imports are mainly electrical equipment, industrial goods and plastic / rubber products.

The benefits of working with Vervo

We coordinate and control transportation of container cargo at all stages of cargo transportation to provide the highest quality of transportation with the optimal delivery times. We also provide full service and door-to-door cargo deliveries.

Our professional and experienced consultants will discuss with you all stages of freight delivery and agree on the optimal solution. At Vervo, it all starts with a free consultation, during which we discuss wishes, possibilities and the best ways of transportation. All you have to do is call, we'll do the rest:

  • We will provide a free consultation
  • Provide professional support and consultations during cargo processing
  • If necessary, we will deliver your cargo from door to door
  • We will offer competitive prices
  • We will complete all customs-related formalities, offering services of our professional customs brokers
  • You will be able to receive accurate information about location of the cargo at all stages of cargo delivery

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Rail cargo transport

Vervo LLC provides all types of railway transport services in the Asian countries:

  • Container transport by rail
  • Cargo transport in covered wagons
  • Cargo transport by semi - wagons
  • Cargo transport by platforms
Rail cargo transport
Air cargo transportation

Air cargo transportation

Vervo LLC offers air cargo transport services to and from Asian countries. We offer both import cargo air transportation from Asian countries and export cargo air transportation to Asian countries.

Sea freight transport

Vervo LLC provides all kinds of services in various Asian ports.

  • Receipt of containers in the ports of Asian countries
  • Agency services in the ports of Asian countries
  • Customs clearance in the ports of Asian countries
Sea freight transport

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Vervo team consists of experienced and professional specialists who skillfully and efficiently help you to choose the best solution for cargo transport to and from countries of Asian countries.