Rail freight from China to Europe

Freight transport from China to anywhere in Europe - China is closer than You think.

Over the years, international cargo transportation from China has developed to the point where for freight delivery only a few weeks are required instead of months. This is ensured by Vervo LLC railway freight transportation from China to Europe, which is a fast and convenient solution for companies that need timely delivery at a favorable price.

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What does "from China to anywhere in Europe" mean?

Rail freight from China to Europe is suitable for any company that performs regular import freight transport from China. But before You start rail freight from China to Europe, You must first find out destination of Your goods. It is important to know this in order to be able to arrange rail freight from the terminal closest to the Chinese plant to the terminal as close as possible to your delivery address.

Customs procedures for importing goods from China

Given that China is outside the European Union, rail freight from China to Europe is not possible without customs procedures. Customs procedures are often a complex and time-consuming process that requires prior knowledge and experience. It is important to contact customs brokers during cargo transportation so that customs clearance of goods is quick and easy. Before that, please get acquainted with 8 points that must be taken into account when starting international trade outside the European Union 

In addition to cargo transportation to and from any country in the world, we also offer customs brokerage services, which means that we will complete all necessary formalities for the cargo to be released for free circulation. In the meantime, you can take the time to develop your business and strengthen your relationships with partners in China.

Freight from China to the European terminal and from the terminal to your door (door to door)

Rail freight from China to Europe is possible from any region of China to the place of transshipment in Poland (Małaszewicze or Mala; Katowice), Germany (Munich, Duisburg, Hamburg), France (Brest), Belgium (Liege).

Once the cargo from China has reached Europe, cleared through customs and, if necessary, stored, it is time to deliver it to your company. Freight trains do not always travel directly from China, for example to Latvia so international freight transport from China to Europe often takes place by combining several modes of transport - this is called multimodal transport.

Rail cargo transport + Air cargo transportation

We offer air cargo transportation from airports in France, Belgium, Germany and Poland to any country in the world. This solution is suitable for small loads that need to be delivered urgently (medicines, electrical equipment, parts)

Rail cargo transport + Transport of cargo by road with trucks

The most cost-effective way to transport Chinese cargo is by road. Within a few days, cargo will be shipped from France, Belgium, Germany or Poland to your company in any European country.

Rail cargo transport + Sea freight transport

If cargo has to be delivered from China to Great Britain or, for example, Scandinavian countries, transportation can also be continued with sea freight transport, for example, from the largest port city in Germany - Hamburg.

Rail cargo transport + Rail cargo transport

Rail freight from China to Europe can also be transhipped at one of the freight terminals. Your freight transport will continue with another freight train that will deliver the cargo to the required address, for example, from Germany to Austria.

Warehousing services for cargo from China

Vervo LLC railway freight transportation from China to Europe is also available for cargo that requires warehousing services. This is useful for companies that are not ready to accept cargo in their warehouse immediately. We provide all types of warehouses according to your requirements in any European country - France, Germany, Poland or anywhere else.

Depending on the type of cargo, we offer medicine warehouses with temperature control, ADR warehouses for the storage of dangerous goods, customs warehouses, excise warehouses for alcohol, tobacco and lemonade, as well as a temporary transshipment warehouse or terminal.

Rail freight from China to Europe is also intended for goods to be delivered to various locations in Europe. For this type of cargo we offer warehouses with cargo consolidation (assembly) and distribution (cargo distribution to different delivery addresses).

Get a response to your price quote request within 1 hour

The most knowledgeable logistics specialists will help you find the best solution.
* we guarantee our answer within an hour on working days during working hours from 9:00 to 17:00

Rail freight from China to a European business - why choose Vervo?

Speed up the delivery of goods by reducing shipping costs!


One of Vervo LLC advantages is a full range of transport and logistics services. Cargo transportation from China to Europe is not possible without a customs procedure and sometimes without short-term warehousing services. We will ensure that the cargo from China reaches companies in Europe in accordance with all set standards and with added value - excellent customer service.


Rail freight from China to Europe takes on average of 17-22 days. Adding delivery time from a terminal in Germany, Poland, France or Belgium will get your cargo to you faster than choosing road or sea freight from China. By cooperating with Vervo LLC, You can be sure that Your cargo will be delivered to the destination in accordance with the terms specified in the contract.


Rail freight transport offered by Vervo LLC is advantageous, because, first of all, we have everything You need to arrange freight transport for You - You do not have to overpay for errors in customs declarations or for unsuitable warehouse for Your cargo. Secondly, working with us, You save Your time which You can dedicate for development of Your business in Europe.


Vervo LLC has been providing quality service to its customers - companies and individuals since 2008. Customer's cargo is our greatest responsibility, so we work only with reliable and professional partners throughout Europe, providing high-quality services no matter where Your cargo is located.

Environmentally friendly

Today, rail freight is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, so you can feel socially responsible using less CO2-intensive transport.

Contact us for a free professional consultation, during which we will agree on the most advantageous solution for Your cargo transportation from China to Europe. Professional support, competitive prices and a full range of logistics services - all these with us!