Vervo LLC mainly uses road transport for cargo transportation between Sweden and Latvia, which, combined with convenient ferry traffic from the Baltic States, provides clients with the fastest cargo delivery options and the cheapest prices for transport services.

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Vervo LLC offers cargo transport between Sweden and Latvia

For any cargo transport services from or to Sweden, contact Vervo LLC, because every week about 10 different types of trucks, both tent trucks and cargo minibuses for full and groupage cargo, travel to and from Sweden.

Export cargo transportation to Sweden from Latvia

Vervo LLC has widely developed regular road cargo transport between Latvia and Sweden.

Import cargo transportation from Sweden to Latvia

Cargo terminals of Vervo LLC cooperation partners are located in Swedish cities, where cargo deliveries and cargo collection from anywhere in Sweden are organized.

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Cargo transport by road

Cargo transport by road

Types of auto transport semi-trailers for goods to and from Sweden:

  • Truck with tent semi-trailer
  • Truck with a mega semi-trailer
  • Truck with jumbo semi-trailer
  • Truck with isothermal semi-trailer
  • Truck with refrigerator semi-trailer
  • Truck with a cargo platform
  • Truck for container deliveries
  • Truck with tank

Groupage cargo delivery

For the delivery of groupage cargo, we use cargo terminals, where cargo collection and delivery is organized across Sweden. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala - logistics terminals of Vervo LLC cooperation partners are located in these largest Swedish cities, but, of course, cargo deliveries are organized to and from any Swedish city.
Groupage cargo delivery
Air freight transportation

Air freight transportation

Vervo LLC offers air freight transportation to and from Sweden. We offer both import freight air transportation from Sweden and export freight air transportation to Sweden.

Sea freight transportation

Vervo LLC provides all types of sea freight services to and from Sweden. We offer transportation by sea containers, as well as vessels chartering for all types of cargo transportation to and from Sweden.

We use the following ferry lines routes to and from Sweden:

  • Ventspils (Latvia) - Nynäshamn (Sweden)
  • Klaipeda (Lithuania) - Karlshamn (Sweden)
  • Riga (Latvia) - Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Tallinn (Estonia) - Stockholm (Sweden)
Sea freight transportation
We offer good prices and regular cargo deliveries to and from Sweden
We deliver standard cargo from Latvia to Sweden and vice versa within 2-3 working days.
Cargo delivery times may vary depending on the specifics of cargo, for example, for cargoes with a temperature regime, dangerous cargoes delivery times may differ - contact Vervo LLC transport manager for exact delivery time and price.

In accordance with the new environmental requirements introduced in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Molndal, these cities are subject to certain transport restrictions. When delivering or collecting cargo, Vervo LLC guarantees compliance of trucks with these standards in the specified cities in Sweden.

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